Beating start-up burnout in Tuscany by Abbie Boorman

There are few places in the world that offer you a front row seat to all the latest trends, and London is definitely one of them. When those trends are applied to entrepreneurship and technology businesses, the heart of Shoreditch is the place to be. For those working in a coworking space, surrounded by a tech startup community, you are at the bleeding edge of the future of work.

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That’s exactly what happened to us. We had spent the last 5 years in the midst of the startup phenomenon, being the “people-people” in a world of techies and biz devs (business developers, for the rest of the world), facilitating human interactions and keeping an eye on the latest tech.

London offered the very best to our curious gaze! We’ve met so many incredible individuals stopping by for a day, a week or a year. Some pass through between backpacking South-East Asia and the next exotic adventure, others have abandoned the London 9-5 grind and are just starting out as freelancers. Most are chasing the dream of being their own boss or simply being in charge of their own work hours. The one thing they all had in common is the strong will of breaking away from the traditional way of work, with its outdated rules, etiquette and best practices, judged unanimously unfit to the third-millennium society.

There was never a better time for “work” freedom, for chasing your dream job and making your passion become a full-time employment. However - this comes at a price - and the stakes are high: personal wellbeing.

Huckletree_event_talk_coworking_London_Community_workation_retreat_tuscany Stay curious - packed house at one of Huckletree's coworking space


Switching to freelancing or setting up a new business while keeping up with your passions and your social life is both exhausting and frustrating. The line between being stretched and completely flat out is thinner than one can imagine.

We saw it happen many, many times over: yet we fell into the same trap.

This (r)evolution is taking its first baby steps and we saw plenty of hard-working people getting stuck between longing for change and old patterns and mindsets. Huge pressure, stress and anxiety, imposter syndrome; burnout is always around the corner if you don’t pay attention.

To us, it was a great prompt to reflect on our experience, what we learned from flying too close to the sun and how we could turn the pain into something valuable, for us and for others.

Startup_Community_London_Coworking_Work_Retreat_vacation_Italy Claudia and Vicky in Seville


One of the greatest trends of the "future of work" is the boom of retreats - be it a ‘workation’, a full tech detox, or a work-hard-play-hard break from home. This makes sense: as our lives become more fluid, we don’t mind if our personal and professional worlds overlap as long as it's meaningful.

So, what better than a holiday where you can actually learn things, connect with like-minded people and live crazy adventures? All while creating great work.

Appealing to both our passion for community nurturing and travelling, we were naturally drawn to exploring this (re)new(ed) concept of retreat. There are a wealth of choices out there, but we felt there was something missing. All the bungee jumping and the all-day meditation by the pool really are amazing, but perhaps a stretch too far from your day-to-day life.

We wanted to create a more focused option, that was truer to our nature. One that would give people the time and context to step back, breath and learn how to balance their online and offline life, their social and work times.

And that's how Mi Podere came to exist.

Will we succeed in our mission? We'll know in April, when 10 amazing guests will join us in the heart of Tuscany for a week of reflecting, unwinding and reconnecting.

And, if everything goes well, we'll be fulfilling our mission of being the bosses of our dream job, while helping others to achieve the same.

Mi_Podere_Tuscany_London_Tech_Startup_Work_Retreat The beautiful Mi Podere farmhouse in Tuscany