CES 2018 (told by the Knomo Sales Director) by Abbie Boorman

CES 2018 was an exciting opportunity for Knomo to showcase new concepts and products that are coming up in the business.

We use CES as a platform to showcase the direction of the brand for the upcoming year, as well as marketing collateral to support a new Spring range & new Consumer Electronics components to support the lifestyle and CE operating model.

CES_2018_Knomo_Laptop_Bag_Las_Vegas_View The view from our show suite


Having been to CES for a number of years it was my first experience of exhibiting from a hotel suite rather than the main arena that we all know as the convention centre. Plans began to be made in October 2017, for what we were aiming to achieve from the show. The development of the brand and key merchandising principles were created, customer meetings planned, agendas mapped out, dinner meetings arranged, and all logistics routed.

CES_2018_Knomo_Laptop_Bag_Suite The Knomo range - new and upcoming!


My focus was to use the CES opportunity to capture the imagination of our current customer base, but also deliver a new business platform with an inspirational surrounding to best drive engagement – and to really show off the heart of the brand mission: to help people achieve freedom in how they live and work.


CES 2018 did not disappoint! The eternally busy Las Vegas was amplified further by people queuing for everything from the obligatory morning coffee to the queuing of taxi’s.

This made for an extremely buoyant, vibrant and exciting Las Vegas where all like-minded people from the CE channel descended into town with a reported 250,000 of us filling hotels and the convention centre.

CES_2018_Knomo_Laptop_Bag_hotels Las Vegas by night
CES_2018_Knomo_Laptop_Bag_Sales_Team Bonnie (Trade Marketing Manager) and I on the town


Knomo was proud to be exhibiting from the Venetian Hotel in a suite high above ground with a stunning backdrop through the vast window. We entered Las Vegas with our aims and objectives and were keen to maximise our time there, but also that of our customers. A past leader of mine reminded me each year to ensure that no CES appointments should be the sort of meeting that could place at home. And so we embarked on the creation of our Knomo suite that would amplify the product portfolio, the premium brand approach and the messaging that supported new products – but most importantly, we fine-tuned each meeting with personalised agendas and with the aim of delighting each and every one that came to our door.

CES_2018_Knomo_Laptop_Bag_Zens_Charging The different areas of our suite


The stage was set, the lights were bright, and the suite was completed: lights, camera, action! Knomo exhibited over the course of the show with a packed calendar of meetings.  The suite catered for 2 meetings at once but with walk in traffic at one point we had five customers being entertained by the small army of Knomo people. Delight, showcase, inspire, review and deliver were key words for what we envisaged for a successful show.

The days were fast, the suite efficient and without exception, all meetings were completed. We were able to showcase our new ranges launching in February, new colour options and a new partnership with Zens for lifestyle orientated inductive wireless charging.

CES_2018_Knomo_Laptop_Bag_Dinner One last dinner!


Every business will at some point question Return On Investment – the need or the want to attend CES.  The buzz word was ‘maximise’ and CES 2018 did not disappoint.  More people attend than ever before, each meeting spelt success and it was a pleasure to meet each and every one of the partners within our portfolio, it is our customers after all that allow Knomo to be truly great.  With this in mind, it is an easy formula to measure our success.  Brand exposure, showcase what’s new, development of 2018 plans (and add in a little fun) all develops that special taste for a successful show! CES this year has clearly been a springboard for business and reaffirmed commitments together for existing customers but also delivered new revenue streams for development. I only thank the team for the deliverables and our customers that really made CES 2018 a success story and special event to be a part of.

CES_2018_Knomo_Laptop_Bag Knomo founder and CEO, Howard, enjoys a well-deserved cocktail


As we departed Las Vegas to head back home, we could only reflect on an adventure that was months in the creation but days in the completion. Knomo continues to grow - and the brand and product continually receive amazing feedback. See the brand in full here: www.knomobags.com/uk


Like any person in Sales, I spend over half my life away from home and the office, and I am super excited to be part of the Knomo mission and movement – using the products first hand to make my own life easier.

Wherever I am in the world, #ThisIsMyOffice