Digital nomads: why are they here? by Franco Boydell

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Before the modern world dawned, humans travelled far and wide. Every day we approached the challenges posed for us in order to make it to the next. We were wanderers, travellers, nomads.

Thousands of years later, modern life encourage us to be stationary: the idea of ‘settling down’ is a rite of passage ingrained in most societies. And for good reason, communities relied on stability – the same people doing the same jobs year-in, year-out.

But as civilisation advanced, routine set in. Many of us live in the past or spend our time fretting about the future – we forgot how to live in the now.

Then the internet appeared. We didn’t have to be based in one location every day anymore, and communities began to form online. Combined with ever-cheaper transport, easy accommodation, and lightning fast connectivity in most parts of the world, a life of travel is now a very real possibility.

But what about Digital Nomads? Don’t they spend their lives on the beach? You’ve probably heard this phrase being thrown about by media, friends, and colleagues, but what actually is it?

Digital nomadism relates to any person who does not feel a sense of permanency. Everywhere you look the world is becoming more flexible and mobile.

Long-term mortages are replaced by short-term lets and Airbnb.

Good-bye lifelong careers in stale offices, by 2022 60% of the global workforce are expected work remotely in some way. Hello freelancing and side projects.

Even our intimate relationships are becoming more fluid – witness the astronomical rise of dating and ‘hook up’ apps.

The digital nomad uses new technology to their advantage. They work and live where they want, how they want. Digital nomads live in the now, trading routine for freedom.

All we need is an internet connection and a great bag to organise and protect our belongings.



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