Here one day, gone the next: perfect presents for transient travelers by Franco Boydell

Christmas has a unique quality: the time of year that truly brings people together, revolving around feelings of togetherness and unity.  Rarely do we make as much of an effort to be with our loved ones as we do at Christmas, some of which we may even not have seen since the Christmas before. And this is especially true for those of us who have a well travelled friend or family member, who never seems to settle in one place for too long, or are constantly jet setting from one country to the next. Whether for work or pleasure, your time spent with them is sparse, but precious all the same. So the question presents itself, what do you buy such a person? With little time to talk to them on a regular basis, it’s doubtful that you’ll be able to squeeze out an extensive Christmas wish list from them. What’s more, they’re likely a lot less concerned with ‘material things’ than most, but this doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate a thoughtful gift, especially one that enhances their travelling experience. That’s why we’ve collated our very best travelling essentials — quality gifts built for adventure.

For the worldly weekender

We all know the type: always having another story about a different city every time you meet for a drink, constantly updating their feed with photos of their spontaneous trip away, or someone rarely in their home city over the weekend. For those who love nothing more than escaping the city, one of our larger (but still streamlined) day bags is the perfect choice of gift. The expandable Grosvenor Place is one such item which is spacious enough for all of a woman’s essentials: a change of clothes and shoes, and separate compartments to protect their tech. And for adventurous men, setting off for a solo adventure? The Hamilton: one of our highest capacity backpacks, with high frequency fabric and a water locked structure. A bag befitting those who are simply looking for a bag to transfer from day to weekend, or even wanderers who favour the outdoors.

travel-christmas-backpack-mens-womens-water-resistant-laptop-bag KNOMO Hamilton Roll-Top Backpack, in Black Fabric

Transatlantic style

For those that spend longer periods of time away, convenience is key; however, this needn’t mean a compromise on style. Our travel cases, the perfect carry on size, are compartmentalised to give a place to every essential. Take the George for example, a stylish unisex carry case, made in collaboration with Ibiza Rocks: a companion for the cutting-edge international worker. For country hopping women, who are all too used to flying, the sophisticated Sedley is a fine choice. Available in fashion forward steel grey, quirky sea blue, or classic black, it’s a fashion forward, elegant alternative to usually mundane travel cases.

travel-christmas-backpack-mens-womens-water-resistant-laptop-bag-wheelend-carry-on-suitcase KNOMO Sedley Carry-On Board Luggage, in Kombu Nylon

Tech for the long haul

So perhaps your travelling loved one is not all too partial to bags and accessories, but is tech minded? Running out of charge on a long haul flight can be the difference between an enjoyable journey, and one of boredom or frustration. Eliminating the risk of such an outcome, our power packs, and adjoining lightning cable ecosystem, are compact and lightweight, easily carried amongst a tightly packed bag. Our battery power packs, also come with a luxe carry case: adding a touch of luxury to your loved one’s travels. For the minimalists, who loathe carrying multiple connector cables on their transatlantic trips, perhaps a world travel adaptor could be the very item to solve their qualms — built to interface with mains sockets in over 200 countries.

So there you have it, a few ideas for the city hopping, travelling fanatics in your life: gifts that will follow them on their travels for years to come. For more christmas gift inspiration, take a look at our gift guides.