How do I give a workaholic a gift they’ll actually enjoy? We’ve got the answers by Franco Boydell

We’ve all got loved ones who work from sunrise to sunset, and beyond. So when they come home the holidays, surprise them with a gift designed for someone who never stops. Workaholics are always searching for the newest tech product or accessory that allows them to spend less time worrying about whether their laptop has enough juice, and more time finishing important projects. We know who they are, they love their technology, but also have an eye for style. For those buying for their career focused loved one, KNOMO designs technology centred bags and accessories to organise lives and relieve work stress. This is a guide specially prepared with gifts that give your workaholic loved one a peace of mind, and make their days easier in and out of the workplace.

Give the gift of relief

Starting the day early and finishing late means there isn’t any room for ‘out of battery’ notifications on all-important electronics. Ease their panic of devices running out of juice with a portable battery charger. The KNOMO 10,000 mAh battery is designed to work alongside your essential tech items, providing up to 5 complete smartphone charges – making on the go charging fuss free. This multifunctional battery pack delivers on every level: power, ingenuity, and energy saving. This gift gives your loved one a peace of mind knowing they won’t have to search for plugs at the next board meeting.

christmas-blog-digital-clutch-briefcase-mens-womens-laptop-bag-stylish-workaholic-gift-battery KNOMO Knomad 12" Organiser, 10,000 mAh battery and 15cm lightening cable

Give the gift of a portability

The modern office is anywhere you choose, from your local coffee shop to a coworking space that changes every week. For the nomadic workaholic, we have the perfect products to organise their mobile lifestyle. The Knomad is a streamlined, 2-fold organiser that houses the basics for the working city dweller. Featuring a signature organisational pockets for your 12” iPad Pro or Microsoft Surface, documents, smartphone and portable battery to helping one to stay charged on the go. The Knomad offers the flexibility your workaholic k-nomadic loved one craves.

Give the gift of style

Dump your loved one’s frumpy briefcase for a sleek laptop bag that can be carried after work to dinner without criticism. For anyone who frequently goes straight to other events from the office, it’s important for their work bags to have the upper-hand in style, too. Briefcases and laptop bags for the working man and woman should look cutting edge. The elegant women’s Hanover briefcase is streamlined and super-lightweight to carry daily essentials with class and style that can transition to formal for after work activities. For the busy city man, the refined Foster briefcase is ideal for carrying a 14” laptop and other work accessories in the office and beyond. In addition to being the perfect transition accessory, these bags will make a statement in the office and compliment their sleek professional style.

Give the gift of organisation

The busier we are the easier it is to feel disorganised. Help your dearest free their time and mental energy with accessories designed specifically for organisation. If their bags are often jumbled with business cards, chargers, papers and other work accessories- save them the hassle of searching through a cluttered bag with a new phone cover folio or portable organizer. The KNOMO Premium Folio phone cases have slots for cards specifically designed for a quick grab at the underground station or checkout counter, to help you keep all the most important bits in one place, exactly where you need them.


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