How has tech transformed travel? by Franco Boydell

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In a world that is constantly changing alongside technology, it figures that the way we travel has evolved too. It’s safe to say that technology has a lot to answer for when it comes to the way we book, experience, and share our experiences. And with new innovations making our travel experiences run a lot smoother, more and more of us are stretching our travelling wings.

We are always eager to find out about any new technology developments and their effects on our day to day lives. So we’ve taken a look to see how tech has changed the face of travel, and where it might be going next.

The power of selection

Holiday brochures are a thing of the past. The internet has opened so many more spaces of inspiration for us to explore. Whether it’s our favourite travel blogger, holiday review sites or even from our loved one’s social media feeds — the internet ignites the travel bug in all of us.

We are influenced by real people’s authentic experiences online and find ourselves more likely to trust their opinions rather than a travel agents. This is causing a movement away from ‘package’ holidays that incorporate both hotels and flights. With 87% of Millennials said to look to Facebook for travel inspiration, it’s no wonder that hotels are now surging to have a stronger online social presence. This generation are searching for cheaper and more unique adventures which are off the beaten track, and are constantly comparing their findings to find the best deal.

Take Airbnb for example, they’re  leading the way by offering entire homes and apartments in beautiful locations across the globe at just a simple click of a button.

Reyjavik Tote Backpack in Rose Reyjavik Tote Backpack in Rose

Getting around

How we travel is another aspect that has been made so much more straightforward with tech. We now have applications that we can access via our phones to not only book flights, trains and taxis, but also to cross compare their prices. Lost in an unfamiliar city? Grab yourself an Uber. Looking for the cheapest flight possible across the world and back? Skyscanner analyzes different flight prices to and from locations across globe and offers you the best deal with no effort on your part.

And the best part is, you can do this wherever in the world you are. As long as you’ve got a smartphone and WiFi.

Staying in touch

Meeting new friends when you’re traveling isn’t a new revelation. However, the way we keep in touch has changed significantly.. Instead of sending out long letters to penpals around the globe, we now have  social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as Skype to keep those travel-buddy relationships alive. These  allow us to keep in touch with our new found friends whenever we like and makes meeting up a hell of a lot easier. Although, it has been said that Millennials are boosting postcard sales again!

Documenting your experience

‘Photo albums’ no longer means printouts to be shared with your nearest and dearest but now means uploading onto Facebook, and are shared with many more. Social networks are also a great way to document your experience. Whether you keep your Instagram feed up to date with snippets of your trips away or you’re making a visual diary on a travel blog, it’ll be there for you to look back on in years to come!

Travel Tech Convenience Portable Charging Knomo Battery Power Pack Battery Power Pack 10,000 in faux-leather luxe sleeve

Travel tech

When we are out and about, in the wildest locations, the last thing we want is a dead battery. Tech accessories have now been created to help us charge whenever we are in the world. Our on the go Battery Power Pack answers our necessity for having fully charged technology wherever we might be going. Portable charging means our tech can now keep up with our fast paced lives,  giving us the freedom to explore.

Munich Duffle Weekender in Olive Munich Duffle Weekender in Olive

Globetrotting companions

Of course, if you’re travelling the globe you need something by your side to carry every one of your essentials. Whether it be a backpack, tote pack, or trolley, the design and functionality of your bag is paramount. It is difficult to find a bag with an aesthetic exterior that is highly functional. But we seek to execute each of these elements perfectly,

Our cabin-sized trolley the Sedley is built for travel. Made to organise all of your essential travel accessories including: converters, chargers, pockets for cards and passports. You’ll be free to enjoy all the other aspects of your trip whilst still looking stylish and staying organised.

Our Munich travel bag is the fundamental accomplice for men and their tech whilst travelling. This duffle weekender is lightweight and comes with a padded laptop section for ultimate protection. This bag has created with you in mind and makes no sacrifice on style.

Despite the good times, it's important to keep your wits about you. Our anti-RFID pockets protect your personal data which can be stolen from your card or passport. When you’re on the move. Also, we understand that sometimes, accidents do happen and you might lose your bag whilst travelling. However,  if you register your Knomo with a tracking system we can trace the bag back to you.

Tech is something we put at the forefront of our minds and designs, and is something which is probably affecting you more than you know. For some inspiring travel stories or more info on our tech accessories check out the rest of our blog.