How to build the perfect everyday tote by Franco Boydell

Every season our designers review the Knomo product range. Looking at the collections holistically, we see how the backpacks, business bags, briefcases, luggage and organisers sit alongside and complement each other. Tote bags are always a tricky position. The classic silhouette lends itself to an open expanse to pile in as many bits and pieces as possible. Not very Knomo at all.

We took a step back and put our thinking caps on. How could we pull together all the best features of Knomo products – the organisation, the materials, the shock-resistant laptop section and an aesthetic that works seven days a week – into one tote bag. The answer: the Derby.

Derby perfect tote design

Simply put, people have stuff going on – all the time. While a good chunk of our days may be spent in one place, we all have morning events, people to meet on the other side of town, children to pick up or friends to meet in the evening. “The Derby is designed for women who lead really demanding lives” says Eva, Knomo’s Design Director – we roll on so easily from one thing to another, we need a do-it-all bag that works all the time.

Historically, women’s ‘work bags’ have mostly been directed by men’s briefcases. When laptops came along it rooted the rectangular, boxy shape and – worst of all – gave people license to carry two bags. One handbag over the crook of your arm, and another mock-technical nylon laptop bag draped over a shoulder. We’ve all been this person, it doesn’t work.

“I think this is our best tote ever. It’s versatile and functional with a modern elegance. The brief was to create a bag that is as beautiful on the outside as it is smart on the inside.”

Eva, Knomo Design Director


Derby: designing the perfect everyday tote


So we used super soft full-grain leather for a slouchy, relaxed look and feel – then built-in two zipped compartments on either side to maintain the structure, especially if you’re carrying a 14-inch laptop inside.



Want to go to the gym in the morning? There’s enough space to squeeze in your kit and keep it separate from your work bits. Busy day but excited for a nice dinner out that evening? No problem, hide everything inside with the magnetic closing top. And our favourite feature – the hidden pocket for keeping your purse easy to grab.

We’re really proud of our Derby dream tote, you can grab it Black leather or Burgundy. Can’t wait to hear what you think.



Womens totes, Black or Burgundy leather