How to Pick the Perfect KNOMO Christmas Gift by Tom Rowe

Let KNOMO help you with decide which bag will suit your loved ones as the perfect Christmas present this year. Each and every KNOMO is useful for all different types of people or jobs. Follow our Christmas map to make sure your loved ones are getting a bag that’s tailored specifically to their needs. Hopefully you’re able to answer these questions without asking your recipient and potentially blowing the surprise!

What to think about when choosing a KNOMO bag for a Christmas gift?

What they’re likely to be using it for?

What type of person is your recipient? This will inform the answer of every question on the gift map. KNOMO has bags for every type of person that’s constantly on the move whether it’s an avid gym goer or an unorganised workaholic, the type of bag they’ll need to carry their essentials can differ. If you feel they need something that serves a more generic purpose KNOMO also offers versatile bags to serve many people and situations.

What type of material they’d like?

Most KNOMO bags come in 4 different types of material. The KNOMO Mayfair collection comes in a water-resistant nylon and is KNOMO’s best-selling collection. The Mayfair Luxe collection comes in a full grain quality leather. The sportier Thames collection comes in a water-resistant TPU coated polyester whereas the Dalston collection comes in an ultra-lightweight polyester material. A leather bag may serve better for a more professional person who wishes to look the part, whereas a lighter or water-resistant bag may be better for someone who’s always on the go.

If they’d prefer a larger or smaller bag?

This also comes down to what you think the recipient will be using the bag for, someone who likes to keep their work or everyday essentials together in one place may be better suited with a Fulham Knomad Organiser. If you’re buying for someone who needs to carry a laptop around then a larger bag like the Harewood would be better suited for that.

Which style of bag they prefer?

How does your recipient like to carry their other bags, do you see them carrying more backpacks or totes? Do they need a bag specifically for their laptop? If so, the Hanover would be a perfect fit for them, holding their laptop and other essentials in a compact but smart laptop briefcase. If they prefer the backpack style then the best-selling Beauchamp is the way to go with its sleek double zip design, 14” laptop compartment and padded s-shape straps, you cannot go wrong!

We hope this guide makes your Christmas shopping a bit easier for the one KNOMO lover in your life. Be sure to visit the KNOMO Winter City to be in with a chance of winning 15% or a free organiser!