How To Stay Fulfilled at Work by Franco Boydell

The notion of “working to live” has been echoed for years by trapped, jaded, and frustrated workers. Nowadays, it’s not a sentiment we hear too often. For many of us, finding a job which excites us, makes us feel impassioned, challenges us, and stimulates us is often far more important than the number of digits on our paychecks.

The mass migration towards companies which provide us with a sense of wellbeing – which help us develop our personal and professional skills – and have a social culture, seems so logical. Think about it, we spend the majority of our lives at work: so why choose a place, a role, or a group of people you simply do not enjoy being around?

This is all leading to the big move we’ve been seeing in the business world: our search for freedom has moved away from material value towards achieving personal fulfilment.

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But let’s be realistic: even if we’re in the perfect job, with a fantastic group of people, and in a location that you love, there can still be days which feel slower than others, tasks you’re less enthusiastic about, or projects you just don’t feel as committed to. This is where we come in. Everyone deserves to feel fulfilled at work, and with just a few little tweaks you can make sure every day is as great as the last — or close enough. Here are our pointers on how to stay fulfilled at work, for a happier, more productive you.

Remedying your routine

A mundane routine is perhaps the biggest enemy to your enthusiasm and energy. Remote working and non 9-5 hours are becoming all the more common - a great perk for employees of some forward thinking companies (such as Knomo). However, there’s no denying that for many of us the working day is here to stay: simply put, rejuvenating your routine is essential to feeling good throughout your day.

Start simple with setting goals, both in and outside the office. Begin with your wider goals then continue to break this wider goal into smaller targets. Reaching these little wins will consistently top up your sense of achievement, and help you see how they build towards your broader aspirations.

While working towards targets and objectives can give us measurable fulfilment, it’s equally important to have breaks in the constant stride towards them. Here, you can take stock of your progress and make time to enjoy some of your other passions. Getting some fresh air or indulging in ‘non-screen time’ is the perfect way to refresh the senses and inject some enjoyment midway through your day. For the ultimate feeling of hands free freedom, walk between appointments as much as possible with our uber practical, bestselling Beauchamp Backpack or the rainproof Hamilton Roll-Top Backpack, gear organised precisely where you need it, stowed comfortably on your back. On your return to the office, tick off the little goals you’ve achieved so far, circle which you’re going to tackle in the afternoon (as well as three things you noticed on your walk.)

Clearing your head, refocusing on your immediate, short-term goals, and valuing your non-work thoughts give a new perspective of your work, ready for a fresh and fulfilling restart.

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Break the boundaries

Achieving the sense of fulfilment often means making a change: daring to put yourself out of your comfort zone and asking for a challenge. Trying something new can be the difference between feeling de-motivated and enthused about your everyday work. Be a ‘yes person’ – sign up to team out of office trips or up-skilling opportunities with colleagues.

Of course, this takes some degree of extra time organisation — something far easier to achieve if all your devices are charged up and ready to last all day. Our power packs mean that you’ll never be unconnected when you’re out of the office at a networking event, or travelling for a work trip.

Find fulfillment in friendship

Often finding fulfillment doesn’t just mean making changes for yourself; but also accepting change from others around you. Gaining new views and perspectives of the task at hand through collaborating with your colleagues is essential to creating a feel-good atmosphere – many Silicon Valley businesses create their offices with this in mind, creating as many areas for ‘chance encounters’ as possible.

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If a task is feeling slightly stale, calendar in a creative meeting with no set agenda. Here you can voice your targets (and any concerns), hear those from others around you, and form common goals: one of the most fulfilling feelings of all.

Make an effort to be social outside of the office too: really get to know the people you spend the majority of your waking time with. Genuine comradeship – team-building – helps to create a loyal and emotionally intelligent working environment. You’ll soon find yourself finding pleasure in your work that goes further than your monthly paycheck.

Organise rogue outings like indoor rock climbing or go-karting. When work seems tough, you’ll have these memories to hark back to and find yourself fulfilled by the friendship borne from those experiences.
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