KNOMO’S Step-By-Step Guide To Taking The Perfect Photo by Tom Rowe

Calling All Photographers, Instagrammers and KNOMO lovers, it’s time to show us what you've got! We are running an incentive for all our followers. We want to feature content on our social channels created by you.

The Rules:

Take a picture of your KNOMO bag and send it to us on Instagram, Facebook or Email. We've got five Knomad Organisers to giveaway as prizes for our favourite photos which we'll feature on our IG feed. It's as simple as that. Don't think this is just for influencers, everyone can get involved; for a helping hand, read our step-by-step guide below for taking the perfect photo. Good luck!

Grab Your Phone Or Camera

STEP 1: Grab your Phone or Camera

You might want to grab your partner, flatmate or someone to help out, too!

KNOMO Tip: Most phones now come with a portrait mode which is great in order to focus your camera on particular areas of your image.


Get Within The Knomo Guidelines

STEP 2: Get within the KNOMO guidelines

KNOMO bags are organised and look best in spaces that are nice and tidy. We find the bag always looks great against light, neutral surfaces like wood, stone, white tables or walls. All KNOMO’s featured must be a part of our current collection and cannot be a discontinued product. The newer, the better!


Curate Your Space

STEP 3: Curate your space

Use natural light. Lighting is the foundation of a good photo. We suggest photographing your KNOMO early morning or midday in the lightest area of your space. Ensure the surrounding area only includes items you would like in your image.


Is Your Bag The Star Of The Show

STEP 4: Decide the star of the show

Decide whether you want to be in the photograph or whether your KNOMO bag will be the star of the show. Remember these images will be used on our social feeds so please make sure they're appropriate and you are happy for us to share your photo.


Get Your Angles Right

STEP 5: Get your angles right

Detail is Key and in order to be featured on the social feed and be in a chance of winning a KNOMO organiser we require the images to be clear and precise with your bag in full view!

KNOMO Tip: To help align your photos turn on the gridlines for your phone camera in settings.


Once you’ve followed all the steps and got the perfect photo, send us your best snaps to be in with a chance of winning a KNOMAD. Tag or DM us your best shots on our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Good luck!

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*Terms and conditions: Competition ends at midnight on Saturday, 31st October. Five winners will be provided with a Knomad. In order to win, @knomolondon must be tagged in the post on all social channels. Please ensure your account is not private so we are able to view your entry. Winners will be contacted via the social platform in which the competition entry has been made.