How to use Chipolo Tracking with Knomo by Franco Boydell

“Imagine a world where your next backpack is already trackable”

Primož Zelensek, Chipolo CEO & co-founder.

We’ve partnered with Chipolo to include a tracker within each #LiveFree Backpack – so that you always know where your belongings are.


What is Chipolo?

Chipolo is a simple device that connects your belongings to the Chipolo app on your phone and helps you find them. It can be attached to loose possessions like keys, or slipped within a wallet or bag. Chipolo is water resistant with one-year battery life and it rings with 100dB sound.


How to use Chipolo?

Step 1:

Attach the Chipolo to anything you don’t want to lose. Download the Chipolo app on your phone and follow the easy in-app steps to set up Chipolo.

Download Chipolo on the Apple App store here (iPhone)

Download Chipolo on the Google Store here (Android)

Step 2:

Ring Chipolo from the app when you are within the Bluetooth range (around 200ft in open space). Chipolo will ring with a 100dB sound, loud enough to hear rooms away.

Step 3:

If you can’t find your smartphone, but you have your Chipolo, simply press the tag twice to ring your phone. The phone will ring, even if it’s on silent.


How do I track the location of my belongings?

If you’re out of the Bluetooth range and can’t find your belongings, you can check the in-app map that remembers when and where you last had them. Get directions to return back to your item.

If you still can’t find them, you can tap “Mark as lost” button and receive a notification with it’s new location as soon as someone with the Chipolo app installed on their phone comes within range of your item.

We hope you love using your Chipolo and #LiveFree Backpack!

To find out more go to

Download Chipolo on the Apple App store here (iPhone)

Download Chipolo on the Google Store here (Android)