Knomo Introduces ‘DropGo’ Wireless Charging by Franco Boydell

In 2014, we released our Knomad Organiser, a single fold-out folio to store everything you need for the day – with a built in portable battery to charge your smartphone or tablet. As the tech we use has evolved, so has our charging capabilities. And so, we’re proud to introduce our latest innovation from the Knomo design studio: DropGo Wireless In-Bag Charging.

How does DropGo wireless charging work?

There are a large number of smartphone devices on the market today which have Qi inductive (wireless) charging capability. Qi is a global standard of wireless charging to which most smartphones and charging pads/stations adhere to.

We created our DropGo system in partnership with ZENS, wireless charging specialists based in The Netherlands, to create a portable wireless charging solution.

The Qi certified 4500mAh battery is combined with a patent-pending Knomo moulded guide. This holds your smartphone in exactly the right position to receive the induction energy transfer – easily delivering a fast, efficient re-charge to your device.


“You literally just drop the phone into the right pocket and a cleverly designed Qi-certified wireless charging powerbank ensures the phone slides to exactly the right place for the inductive charging to start. I tried this over and over, trying to outfox the damn thing but every single time it worked, painlessly.” David Phelan, Forbes, 2017


The current DropGo model (released June 2017) fits the following devices:

Samsung S8, Samsung S7 Edge, Samsung S7, Samsung S6 Edge, Samsung S6.

iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 – using the Knomo DropGo wireless charging adaptor case.

Knomo DropGo smartphone devices how to charge wireless iphone charger battery

Knomo DropGo samsung case how to charge wireless iphone charger battery

How to adapt your iPhone for DropGo wireless charging:

Simply put, DropGo is a no-wires, no-fuss solution to charging your device; the next step in the Knomo organisational ‘eco-system’ design to make life seamless.

The patent-pending design is suitable for the most popular iPhone and Samsung handsets alike, but we do have plans to release further models to accommodate future phone releases and ‘plus’ size handsets.

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Knomo DropGo design tech how to charge wireless iphone charger battery

How do I re-charge the battery?

The 4500mAh will provide around 1.5 re-charges, depending on your device. But once it’s out of juice you just need to recharge the battery like any other battery or device.

The DropGo kit includes a micro-USB to USB cable, but you can use a cable you already have at home. Simply plug the larger head into a laptop or wall socket, and put the smaller micro-USB head in port found on the battery.

The DropGo also has an LED indicator showing its battery life, meaning you’ll always know how much charge it has. It also has an automatic turn-off feature, so once your phone is charged, it will power off to conserve battery life.

Knomo DropGo Drawing Sketch how to charge wireless iphone charger battery

We’re really looking forward to developing this technology. It looks like conventional wired technology will eventually become a thing of the past, and after a year of refining the DropGo design we’re proud of our designers for the product to be one of the first truly portable wireless chargers on the market.

Want to check out the DropGo? See the product in full here

Knomo DropGo design case how to charge wireless iphone charger battery

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