Knomo join the Leather Working Group by Franco Boydell

This June, we made changes to the leather used on the Knomo Barbican Collection, and in doing so proudly join the Leather Working Group. The Leather Working Group gives factories and tanneries labour and manufacturing standards; this includes sustainability measures, traceability of raw materials, as well as environmental business practices. Currently, 350 leather manufacturers reside under their certification and include brands, retailers, manufacturers, and chemical suppliers that have worked amongst each other to create protocols for the leather industry. The Leather Working Group strives to make an impact on the future and sustainability of the leather production industry. To achieve this, they are creating transparency and educating stakeholders on the importance of being more aware of the side effects caused by production.

Located in India, the tannery and production facilities we partner with are part of a family run business. Nav Singh runs the production facility, and is the son of the supplier tannery owner, this family connection allows us to work closely with the raw material supplier and manufacturer. The tannery is optimised to reduce water in the tanning process by recycling 100% of the water within the leather production, and traces all of the raw materials and hides used in the creation process. While working closely with our suppliers, we are able to focus on creating the best product and at the same time, take measures to produce products in the most sustainable way.

For the new Barbican collection, the leather we used is a buffed finished cow leather. The surface of the hide is gently sanded to give a flat, smooth finish which enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the products. This leather then wears beautifully and develops a rich, tonal depth in colours. Included in the Barbican collection are the brand new Milton Duffel Bag, Brackley Backpack, and Roscoe Briefcase, three new designed that are produced with our new more-eco friendly leather.

Along with our introduction into the Leather Working Group, we are introducing three new styles for this Autumn/Winter season which are all part of the Barbican collection. The Brackley Backpack is those who wants to look smart anywhere, seven days a week, while carrying all of their essentials. The Milton Duffel Bag will be perfect for short trips away or as a companion between the office and gym. Meanwhile, the Roscoe Briefcase is for those who want to look smart at the office, bar, or anywhere in between.

We invite you to be a part of our road to a more sustainable future and hope that you are as excited about the journey as we are. For more information on the Leather Working Group, visit or email