Knomo SS17: Let Spring Begin by Franco Boydell

Time for a fresh start. New year, new you – new opportunities, new style. At Knomo, we often focus on the functional aspects of our accessories, the hidden extra features and the everyday benefits that come from being uber-organised.

So, here is a look behind the creative curtain of our design inspiration: an explanation of the concept of our Spring Summer ’17 collection – the themes and moods that led to our colour-way choices (and what you can expect to see a lot of over the next 6 months).

A blank canvas

Great design begins with single focus. For Knomo Creative Director Frances Scorah, Spring Summer ’17 began with “chalk and white”.

Like the start of all good adventures, Frances began to notice the different variants and hues – with all the feelings white evokes. It comes down to freedom. The freedom to explore, to discover, to pursue, and to live.

We live in an age of contrasts. We want digital immediacy from the natural and organic; we experience whole worlds through small screens in our pockets. The SS17 trends reflect these impossibilities. From the pureness of white stone comes two different directions that stand in stark contrast.

Knomo_SS17_Spring_Begin_Summer_Leather_Laptop_Bag_Waterproof Cromwell Backpack in White water-resistant Fabric

The first was that of monochrome, playfully juxtaposed with primary colours, an ultra-modern – digital, sharp, sporty edge. The other, a more subtle, tactile and earthy path, offset with deep spice hues and soft distressed materials. It was upon these two roads that we have created our SS17 collection.

Urban monochrome

Graphic monochrome shapes and silhouettes provided the base for the concept. Inspired by tiles and squares she’d seen around London, Frances began to see white in a whole new light. After taking photos and images of geometric monochrome patterns, and brutal buildings against rich skies, flashes of primary colour appeared as the the next step in the evolution of this design.

With black and white forming the fundamental palette, primary colours took the role of colour pops through details a lining.

Knomo_SS17_Spring_Begin_Summer_Leather_Laptop_Bag_Sporty_Waterproof Cromwell Backpack in White Water-resistant Fabric

Colour is not the only chapter in the story: the designs soon took shape in line with the very context they were inspired by — the city. Mirroring the sharp lines of skyscrapers and art deco concrete builds we looked to recreate the clean and modern stylings of the city skyline.

A more spiritual path

Taking the lead from softer off-white tones, came our second route. After learning to meditate to help find a level of calmness in the centre of a busy, modern life, Frances was inspired to channel her knowledge from a fresh perspective.

In our new-found world, travel is readily accessible and digital nomadism is becoming ubiquitous. We wanted to mirror this rich exposure to different cultures that so many of us can now experience and have looked to create designs that reflect the possibilities of the world in which we live.

Knomo_SS17_Spring_Begin_Summer_Leather_Laptop_Bag_Canvas_Duffel Munich Holdall in Olive Canvas

This is brought to life by exchanging clear defined lines for more natural shapes and distressed materials. Take the Munich in Olive for example; an explorer’s bag that sports the look and feel of a journey well travelled.

A spiced, spiritual glow comes to life through the leather and fabric. Rich full-grain Chili red leather sits alongside vegetable tanned leathers details with juicy Papaya and agrarian Olive fabrics. The colours of natural spices are rarely found in the city – here’s the chance to bring the organic to life in your digital world.

Knomo_SS17_Spring_Begin_Summer_Leather_Laptop_Bag_Fabric_Portable_Battery Beauchamp Backpack in Papya Fabric with Tan Leather

A new found freedom

Creating two sides of the season has allowed us to discover the adaptability of our pieces. With functionality still at the heart of everything we do, we thought it was time for a change of look. So whether you’re a fast-paced urbanite or partial to moments of reflection, we’re confident you’ll find the Knomo that helps you work and live free.

We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour.

The Knomo Spring Summer Collection is now available HERE.

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