Making the Perfect Pair by Franco Boydell

Some things just go well together: fish and chips, Netflix and chill… Things that can turn good into great when put together. And whenever we travel, there are additions we can make to help smooth the journey– like headphones on the underground or using Citymapper to find the easiest route. Having the right gear for the right moment makes all the difference.

These perfect pairings make life less stressful, a fail-safe no-brainer so that you can get on with enjoying the activity at present. The team at Knomo HQ have had a think about some of the most frequent trips we make, and the bags that go famously well together. We hope you enjoy reading our team’s perfect partners and can’t wait to find out what the perfect occasion for using your Knomo bags are.


Perfect_pair_bag_work_lifestyle_laptop_Knomo_backpack Berlin Backpack in Black Fabric


After Work Exercise

As a not-so dry January turns into an enthusiastically active February, we’ve all been looking for things to make us feel rejuvenated. From group classes with your colleagues to long solo swims, the chances are you’ll be making a sweat-inducing stop off on your journey home.

Enter the Berlin Backpack. This ultra-lightweight, super spacious backpack is the perfect accompaniment for after work exercise, with a shock-resistant 15” laptop section and plenty of room for your workout kit, gym shoes and even a small towel – jog on!


Perfect_pair_bag_work_lifestyle_laptop_Knomo_airport_business Dale Backpack in Black Leather


Business Travel

It’s 05:45 and you’re queuing through airport security. This is not the glamorous business travel advertised by the airline.

Fortunately, though, there is a secret weapon. When you need to stay organised and turn heads at the same time, the Dale Tote-backpack is always up to the job. The rectangular shape of the bag is perfect for neatly placing files and folded clothes inside – as well as a designated 15” laptop section, so you won’t’ be holding anyone up as you glide through security.

Rushing off the plane and onto the train at the other end? Throw the Dale on your back and make it in record time, then use the two padded handles to carry the bag like a tote-briefcase and look calm and collected as you stroll into your meeting.


Perfect_pair_bag_work_lifestyle_laptop_Knomo_bojana_jendrick Cromwell Backpack in Grey Fabric, image c/o @bojana_jendrick


Cycling to the Office

With spring comes an increased chance of showers, but as the mornings get lighter and the days longer you might be tempted to cycle to and from the office. We’ve got nothing but respect for cyclists, it’s an eco-friendly, endorphin-inducing mode of transport (and beats wedging yourself on the underground each morning!) But, how does one find accessories appropriate for cycling as well as meetings?

We designed the Cromwell Backpack with just this in mind. The backpack is made from a high frequency, water-repellent nylon and backed with polyurethane, which means that all your electronic devices and papers will stay nice and dry inside.


Perfect_pair_bag_work_lifestyle_laptop_Knomo_Amanda_shand Audley Handbag in Black Leather, image c/o Amanda Shand


Client Lunch

They say we make up our minds about a person within the first 7 seconds of meeting them, that’s why we all like feeling smart, chic and professional. Looking calm and composed is usually a fast-track to success – the way we dress and the accessories we carry give signals to those around us that inspire confidence.

So what better way to give off confidence than by casually removing a laptop from within a gorgeously soft, full grain leather handbag? The Audley looks luxe and sophisticated from the outside, and works just as hard inside, with a shock-resistant laptop section as well as pockets and pouches for organising your belongings – so you never have to rummage for a business card again.


That’s some of our favourite parings from across the Knomo Women’s and Men’s Collections. How do you use your Knomo – where do you travel with your bags? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter  or Instagram.