Relaxed Rules: Dressing for work in 2018 by Franco Boydell

Relaxed styling is becoming the new trend with many more employees feeling more productive and happier to wear a dressed down look. So, do less set-in-stone rules give you more freedom? Or leave you simply confused? Relaxed_dressing_work_laptop_bag_knomo_SS18_lightweight_laptop A study conducted by Stormline revealed that 61% of employees are ‘for’ a relaxed dress code at work. Expressing yourself through your wardrobe gives you a sense of personal freedom and responsibility. Dressing for work - a place where some often spend a majority of their time – often comes with a ‘work dress code’. We often have to spend time in a working environment to see what this phrase means for each business. For many, though, there is a clear distinction to what signifies as ‘work clothes’ and ‘non-work clothes’. Knomo’s Design Director, Eva Rawson thinks dressing down “is the way forward”. She adds that:

“To be able to have the freedom to choose to dress up or dress down, according to the occasion is important. When we are not out having meetings with clients / supplier, then we should be able to choose to dress down or not.  I work more productively when I feel comfortable in my clothes.”

Relaxed_dressing_work_laptop_bag_knomo_SS18_lightweight_laptop_Beauchamp You shouldn’t be forced to wear high heels, or anything that you find uncomfortable. It can be argued that having a company look or feel is valid – a brand had to put across a unified image to their clients, customers or partners. But, in 2018, teams should be trusted to dress themselves – not simply following a uniform. Unfortunately, there is often too little room left for you to express your style and therefore can be a hindrance in the workplace. Remember the cliché? ‘You are what you wear’. As working professionals we need a balance in our style, a mix between the playful and in control. After all, we are allowed to be both. We’ve introduced an all-new range of styles for the Spring Summer 18 season, a relaxed approach to sophistication as we head towards the warmer months. Or, as Eva puts it:

“The Mayfair collection is designed for the modern day woman who leads a busy lifestyle, who wants a functional and stylish bag on the go that is lighter in weight than a leather bag which is also easy to care for. “


The Clifford Backpack

Whether you’re heading out for an early stroll in the park or on your way to work, this backpack is great for you to pack your daily essentials. It’s the perfect backpack if you are planning to have a day filled with adventure because of an unexpected commute. Take your tablet with you or slide in your 13-inch laptop so that you are set and ready to go. Capture all of your precious moments with your DSLR camera in this backpack. Want to get in a quick workout? Take your gym kit ready for your spin class along with your large water bottle to make sure you’re refreshed. This compact backpack is available in two colours and you won’t be disappointed.

“Drawstring rucksacks are very much on-trend and has been missing in the collection, hence I decided to add the Clifford into the mix.”


The Carrington Cross-body bag

This cross body does wonders for the natural wanderlust-er who can’t help but to go to extreme lengths to explore ins and outs of a new town or city. Like taking selfies or being a photographer in your spare time when you’re not at your day job? Stay Instagram ready by packing your digital camera in your bag. Not only that but if you love documenting your trips, events or thoughts in your journal – you can take that along with you too. The cross body wants you to have your daily belongings with you and to remember to make sure your day is an eventual one.   Relaxed_dressing_work_laptop_bag_knomo_SS18_lightweight_laptop_professional

The Gilbert Tote-backpack

Sometimes the bag you love so dearly is not big enough to give you the freedom to take all you need. Carrying two bags means extra luggage and who wants that all the time? Well this backpack does will save you from excessive luggage. It’s great for those who want flexibility, whether that be carrying it on your shoulder or hand. You can take your 14-inch laptop and get through those e-mails at the closest coffee shop or the detox kitchen for a quick nutritious boost. Your day may often be the unpredictable type – in other words, you may need to pack more than what you need just to be on the safe side. Not to worry. That is why this backpack was made for you.   Well, what do you think? Style your way to your happiest self so that you can stay on top of it all. Life comes with many adventures, so it is important to pack what you need to enjoy them to the fullest.

Don’t miss out.

See the Mayfair Spring Summer 2018 collection here.