SODA Pop Up at Knomo by Franco Boydell

We’re excited to announce our latest collaboration with SODA - the School of the Digital Age – in our Seven Dials Flagship store. One thing is for certain, the Knomo team are obsessed with SODA’s ultra-functional, uber-cool products – and know you will be, too.

Visit us at Knomo Seven Dials to get hands-on with the product yourself or read on to find out more and have a first look at the pieces available.

Get your free ticket to the Social on Thursday 19th April here:


Who are SODA?

SODA – the School of the Digital Age – is a destination for new ideas and innovative technology products. They’re here to cut through the confusion and show you what’s good and what’s not. Their pop-up stores and website curate the best smart products on the market, carefully sourced and reviewed, so you know exactly who and what they are for. In a fun, playful way.

Founded by Grace Gould, the team are based in London and carefully choose pieces that fit their own lifestyles.

‘We created Soda because most tech products on the market today are made by boys for boys. Nothing resonated with us in a language we understood’ says Grace, ‘tech can be ridiculously serious, and we didn’t want that. So for every product, we have “buy” and “don’t buy” advice.’

Find SODA in Selfridges, online at or in Knomo Seven Dials.


Get your free ticket to the Social on Thursday 19th April here:

Discover the products:

Here are just a few of our favourite pieces, but there’s plenty more to choose from.


Dodow – for help drifting off.

Trouble sleeping? The ‘always-on’ lives we lead can keep our brains ticking even when we desperately we want to shut our eyes and drift off. This is where Dodow comes in.

This clever pad shoots a soft light onto your ceiling, above your bed. Turn off your lights and breathe deeply, in and out, in time with the pulsing beam. SODA says slowing down to six breaths a minute should tip you into slumber.

Image by @ben__pryce

Wacaco – for much-needed speeding up.

This ‘Minipresso’ is exactly what it says on the tin. A portable, hand-pumped espresso machine to carry everywhere and anywhere. Simply pop in a Nespresso (or your favourite brands’) coffee pod, fill up with water and get pumping into a shot-sized mug, or use the portable cup attached to the device.

Need hot water in a hurry? Any coffee shop or café should be able to give you this for free – little do they know you’ll be making your own.

Image by @bellabeat

Bellabeat – for looking after yourself.

The problem with most wearables is that they’ve been made by men, for… men and (supposedly) women. Enter Bellabeat. Not only does it look closer to a piece of jewellery than a rubberised workout watch, the true difference lies inside.

Connect to the Bellabeat app, and start to build a picture of your sleep, stress, activity and fertility levels. While the device and app take a few weeks to understand your body as an individual, get ready to receive through tips and advice on keeping those zen-ergy levels up.


Beeline – for getting places fast.

Following a map while you cycle is, well, long. Shorten the journey and stay in control of your route with the Beeline Smart Compass. Simply connect the compass to your phone and attach to your handlebars, and – as soon as you’ve put in your destination – off you go.

Rather than tell you when to turn left and right, the compass points you in the general direction that you need to go, leaving you to make the journey your own. The best news is that the compass also tells you the time, how much battery is left and your speed.

Sounds good? Visit us at Knomo Seven Dials and discover the rest of the range.