Street Style Focus: Dalston Collection by Franco Boydell

There’s no denying the power of street style. Whether in person, on Instagram, or reported by the fashion-following press, there’s just no escaping the beautiful trend. Street style is a real life platform which is now often more of a source of inspiration than catwalks themselves. It’s rise in influence represents the democratisation of an industry all too many feel they’re not elite enough to crack. Out with the unattainable high-fashion brands, and in with real styles, made for real people.

Dalston_Womens_Bags_Accessories_Backpack_Briefcase_Laptop_Reykjavik_Rose Reykjavik Tote-Backpack in Rose Fabric

So where’s this all come from?

Of course street style has always been out there, but with the likes of Instagram making it easy for stylistas to spread their unique looks, it’s taken a whole new meaning. “Street style is, essentially, an industry in it’s own right” Caroline Leaper, from Marie Claire said of this shift. Bloggers, vloggers, and Instagram stars now list this as their vocation: their calling in life which not only funds their shopping habits but their whole lifestyle.

For street style stars, the world is their catwalk. Aleali May, with 171K followers on Instagram curates her sports-luxe looks shooting them as she wears them. Her career has since expanded to an image consultant, model, as well as her fashion blogger, working with brands such as Nike and Adidas. She represents a new generation of digital nomad, who are not only defining their own job role but have built their entire career in the digital space.

Dalston_Womens_Bags_Accessories_Backpack_Briefcase_Laptop_Copenhagen_Black Copenhagen Briefcase in Black Fabric

But it’s not only those in front of the camera who deserve praise, it’s those behind the lense with a keen eye and photographic talent, too. Take GarçonJon (A.K.A Daniel Pryce) for example, who documents some of the sharpest looking men in London. His work showcases the diversity and outstanding amount of style the capital has — a body of work to behold.

In addition, there are a multitude of websites with dedicated teams who also make it their business to capture street style at it’s best. Whowhatwear, Street Peeper, and Lookbook are just a few of the outlets sharing the world’s stand out styles. Sorting by style genre, colour, and even occasion, they make searching for key looks as easy as shopping.

With such high quality photography and lust-worthy clothing actually available to the average person, it’s no wonder that street style is now influencing highstreet more than outlandish catwalk looks. Street style puts clothes into a context we can all understand: one which we can adapt to suit us rather than passing off as completely out of our reach.

Dalston_Womens_Bags_Accessories_Backpack_Briefcase_Laptop_Berlin_Black Berlin Backpack in Black Fabric

Street style favourites

Whether you realise or not, there’s no doubt that street style has come to influence your everyday — from what we wear in the office, to our weekend attire. Take the humble backpack for example, not an item originally destined for the catwalk but is something which has become an iconic staple for work and play. Our latest two designs Reykjavik and the Berlin take heed from the very cities they were named after: two of the world’s ultimate street style hubs. They form part of our brand new Dalston Collection, which combines our signature functionality with a unique street style inspired aesthetic. Unlike catwalk ensembles, street style is all about wearability so being lightweight and in versatile colour palettes is a must.

Dalston_Womens_Bags_Accessories_Backpack_Briefcase_Laptop_Berlin_Rose Berlin Backpack in Rose Fabric

One resounding feature all street style stars share is their look of effortlessness wherever they might be spotted. None look flustered, stressed, or out of place. Granted, everyday life doesn’t always run so smoothly but our brand new briefcase. Also from our Dalston collection, The Copenhagen was designed to bridge the gap between uncomfortable, unnecessary work attire and sleek, sophisticated style. It’s minimal design makes sure that you can have everything to hand whilst still looking flawless. Street style allows for a lot more flexibility when it comes to your combinations. The Copenhagen, for example wouldn’t look out of place with jeans and a fresh pair of trainers as it might with a corporate look.

Dalston_Womens_Bags_Accessories_Backpack_Briefcase_Laptop_Reykjavik_Black Reykjavik Tote-Backpack in Black Fabric

Whether you are London based (like Knomo) or are from further afield there’s a lot to be said for simply looking all around you for fashion inspiration. Our streets are filled with the next new trends and statement looks which will no doubt seep down to our wardrobes. If you’re looking for more style inspiration take a look around our blog, sign up for regular updates and offers from us, or check out our brand new Dalston collection.


Dalston_Womens_Bags_Accessories_Backpack_Briefcase_Laptop_Copenhagen_Rose Copenhagen Briefcase in Rose Fabric