Surface Designer Stories: Tim Fitzgerald by Franco Boydell

I think I realised I really loved product design actually at school when I was doing design technology. I just realised that there was something that I had some natural ability for and wanted to do that for a career.

My role at Knomo is to look after all the men’s design and I’m basically responsible for all the men’s products and all of the tech product range development - I do all the design work from initial sketches right through to product.

There’s lots of details in Knomo products that make it really, really special. We use really premium materials, quality leathers, high quality nylons but also we custom design all of our hardware in-house. So really we’ve got a handle on all of the aspects of the product that just make it completely head and shoulders above the rest.

The Surface Studio is a really unique product, it’s a really really powerful device, it can handle everything you throw at it, whether it’s 3D or 2D.


3D is really for solid modelling, used for doing the hardware components. The benefits of being able to see the hardware in 3D on the screen is you really get a feel of what that is going to look like when we go to manufacture. So as closely as we can see it on the screen, we just want to understand exactly what we’re going to start tooling.

Whereas 2D is just kind of more flat sketches – it’s great because you can draw straight onto the screen, it really feels like you have quite a big work space. It’s easy to lay out all your pages, drawing feels natural so a lot of the bag designs we’ll use 2D design so it’ll be in something like Illustrator. On a typical backpack I’ll say there’s probably 200-250 different parts in a bag.


I think most of the projects I’ve worked on are pretty exciting. It’s exciting taking something right from the inception of an idea right through to the final product and the most satisfying thing is obviously seeing someone using that product.

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