The best podcasts to listen to anytime, anywhere. by Tom Rowe

Here at KNOMO we pride ourselves on creating bags that can handle whatever life throws at you. We know that many of your working environments will have changed in recently, so, we wanted to share with you the podcasts that our team are loving at the moment to help you get through this uncertain period of time. We also reached out to you, the KNOMO community, for your favourites, and included some of your own recommendations as well. Podcasts are great for listening to on walks alone; helping you get to sleep; or to have on during breaks between work.


Mindfulness Podcasts

Happy Place: Fearne Cotton

What: Fearne Cotton invites guests on to talk about their life and what happiness means to them.

How Long: ~45 mins

Well-known TV presenter Fearne Cotton has created a self-help podcast where she discusses everyday challenges and working through life's daily stresses. Fearne interviews other famous faces, such as Stephen Fry, Paloma Faith and Hozier, about struggles they have had and how they have overcome them. Get ideas and advice for when life gets tough, from bereavement to struggling at work, and learn about some inspiring charities too.


How did we get here Podcast

What: Claudia Winkleman listens in on a conversation between Professor Tanya and a patient to better understand how they’re dealing with major life problems

How Long: 1 Hour

A unique insight into people's most vulnerable emotions, the How did we get here Podcast gives you access to real life conversations with a clinical psychologist on family and parenting issues.


Entertainment Podcasts

Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster

What: Comedians interview guests on their favourite all time fantasy meal.

How Long: ~1 Hour

This podcast offers more of a lighthearted humor and is the perfect podcast to lighten the mood while on your daily grind. James Acaster and Ed Gamble are British comedians who interview everyone from chefs and other comedians to singers. The concept behind the podcast is to ask their guest to describe their dream menu, one course at a time, whilst going off on a hilarious tangent of course.


The Guilty Feminist

What: Comedian Deborah Frances-White invites on guests to discuss topics ‘all 21 first century feminists agree on’

How Long: 1 Hour

An insightful yet entertaining podcast with comedian Deborah Frances-White, who interviews her guests and challenges their strongest views, fears and hypocrises surrounding feminist culture and society as a whole.


The Joe Rogan Experience

What: Unstructured conversation from a variety of guests with Comedian Joe Rogan discussing all things Pop Culture.

How Long: 1-3 Hours

One of the world’s most popular and long lasting podcasts, the Joe Rogan Experience is an unscripted conversation from a massive variety of guests from scientists & explorers to actors & comedians.


Lifestyle Podcasts

SheerLuxe Podcast.

What: Magazine podcast featuring news, views and edits on all things relevant for the modern woman.

How Long: ~30 mins

We love listening to this podcast to keep us inspired and productive during the working day, the SheerLuxe team cover a massive array of fashion, culture and beauty advice to keep you in the know. The interviews with female entrepreneurs will be sure to inspire you for the day.


Get Sleepy

What: Relaxing podcast featuring relaxing stories, music and ASMR to help you drift off.

How Long: 45 mins

Ditch counting sheep, The Get sleepy podcast will help relax your mind if you’re finding yourself struggling to sleep in recent times. With relaxing music, ASMR and stories, the Get sleepy podcast will find you drifting off with ease.


Real Life Podcasts

Katie Piper’s: Extraordinary people

What: Katie Piper interviews guests who have overcome adversity and turned it into a powerful positivity.

How Long: ~45 mins

Katie Piper - an inspiration to us all, talks with incredible people who have overcome difficult and challenging times. From the stars of strictly to Jason Fox, each person has an inspirational story about traumatic experiences and how they have learnt to not only overcome them, but to turn them into a positive moment in their lives.



What: Podcast detailing the story of suspected killers in mystery murder cases.

How Long: 1 Hour

Outlining some of the most fascinating, lesser known murder cases in small-town America, this podcast went viral after airing it’s first season about a young man named Adnan Syed who was charged with murdering his high school lover. The Serial podcast is the perfect way to feed your morbid curiosity.


History Podcasts

The British History Podcast by Jamie Jeffries

What: A Chronological recount of the History of Britain focusing on the lives of the people.

How Long: ~30 mins

We’ve got something for all you history buffs. The British History Podcast is a chronological retelling of the history of Britain with a particular focus upon the lives of the people. You won’t find a dry recounting of dates and battles here, but instead you’ll learn about who these people were and how their desires, fears and flaws shaped the history of Britain.


Evil Genius with Russell Kane

What: Russel Kane invites guests to talk about the way we view history’s most famous heroes and villains.

How Long: 45 mins

Along with some notable guests, comedian Russell Kane looks at the lives and stories of some of history’s famous Heroes & Villains to poke fun as well as understand their amazing stories and views.


Business Podcasts

Business Wars

What: A deep dive into some of the biggest Business Wars in History, from Apple vs Samsung to Netflix vs Blockbuster

How Long: ~30 mins

Hosted by David Brown, the Business Wars podcasts looks at some of the most significant Competitors in Business and how the outcome of their competition shapes the way we live and what we buy. Business Wars looks at what drives the different companies and their leaders, inventors and investors to new heights. We recommend this podcast to the aspiring entrepreneurs out there that may be thinking about starting a business from their home.


On Purpose with Jay Shetty

What: Sitting down with a wide range of guests to discuss how they overcome challenges in their careers as well as personal lives.

How Long: 1 Hour

Jay Shetty’s purpose is to make wisdom go viral. This former monk turned podcaster sits down with guests to talk about how to overcome life’s adversities within your career and personal worlds.


Science & Technology Podcasts

The Infinite Monkey Cage with Brian Cox & Robin Ince

What: An informal and light-hearted discussion of some of science’s biggest questions with Professor Brian Cox & Comedian Robin Ince.

How Long: ~45 mins

Professor Brian Cox and Comedian Robin Ince are joined by an array of guests to talk about popular topics in the world of science & technology, ranging from the apocalypse to extra-terrestrial life. We recommend this one for all the curious bodies out there who never stop asking questions about how we live and the technology the future has to hold.


Making Sense with Sam Harris

What: Exploring important and controversial questions about the human mind, society and current events with neuroscientist Sam Harris

How Long: 1 Hour

Making Sense with Sam Harris attempts to make sense of some of today’s world’s ultimate questions. Sitting down with a range of psychologists, scientists and philosopher’s to explore questions about the Human mind, society and current events.


Productivity Podcasts

Beyond the To-do list

What: Beyond the To-do list talks to people on all aspects of productivity including getting the right work done, getting good work done as well understanding the true goal of productivity.

How Long: ~1 Hour

Hosted by Erik Fisher, the Beyond the To-do list podcast focuses on conversations with people behind the productivity, offering advice on how to choose the right projects, task and goals in work and life. This podcast is a great tool to keep on top of your work while you may be working from home and to use in your usual everyday life.


Deliciously Ella

What: Conversations with experts talking about mental and physical wellbeing with husband and wife duo Ella & Matthew Mills

How Long: 40 mins

The Deliciously Ella Podcast brings your honest conversations surrounding mental & physical wellbeing and how this can be applied to help balance your work life. Each week, guests are invited on to discuss a range of topics from skincare, excersize, dealing with stress, finding happiness and so much more.


Political Podcasts

The Number 10 Podcast

What: A look at the life & times of British Prime Ministers and important political events that have led us to where we are now.

How Long: ~1 hour

The Number 10 Podcast looks at historical, as well as current, political events and how they will or have shaped our everyday lives. You need look no further for your regular podcast fix with fortnightly uploads.


Today in Parliament

What: Daily Updates from inside the Houses if Parliament,

How Long: 30 mins

Stay up to date with everything UK Politics as Today in Parliament brings you a short daily summary of what’s occurring in the House of Commons.


Current Affairs Podcasts

Beyond today

What: Dissecting and discussing one big question from the news every weekday with Tina Delahey and Matthew Price.

How Long: 15 mins


Hand picked stories taken from the daily news cycle each day and discussing it in short daily bursts. The Beyond today podcast is a great way of keeping up with the world’s current affairs.


You can find these podcasts on Spotify, the podcast app or wherever you listen to your podcasts. Now’s a great time to go out and find some new podcasts that you may not have listened to usually, or if you’re looking for some inspiration or relaxation while working from home.