The Knomo Award Finalists by Franco Boydell

We have been humbled by all the responses to The Knomo Award application and are proud to share with you our ten finalists.

From all backgrounds and split between the commercial, social and academic worlds, this group will be reviewed by our independent panel of expert judges. Let’s meet the finalists.

1. Angela Helleur

Nominated for… working her way up though the NHS from nurse to Chief Nurse and Deputy Chief Executive of two London hospitals. For spearheading equality initiatives and quality improvements within a complex operational structure, all while raising two daughters as a single mother.  

2. Catherine Asta Labbett

Nominated for… creating the Girl Tribe Gang movement across the UK and Europe. This project aims to tackle loneliness and increase confidence for women, and has grown to 40 ‘Tribes’ in the first year alone. Alongside this Catherine is a psychotherapist and mum of four.

3. Filipa Simoes

Nominated for… leading academic research on cardiovascular regenerative medicine at the University of Oxford, pushing to ensure she does not fall behind male colleagues at this critical time in her career while raising two children. Filipa fights to raise the profile of under-graduates from underrepresented backgrounds through providing experience in the lab.

4. Lara Bundock

Nominated for… founding the Snowdrop Project, the first charity in the UK to provide long term support to survivors of trafficking. Lara has grown the charity to now provide support to over 80 survivors a year.

5. Pauline Walker BEM

Nominated for… setting up a competitive swimming organisation – Electric Eels – to give young people with Down’s Syndrome the opportunity to train and compete in at World Level within the Down’s Syndrome spectrum. Her focus and determination has led many to overcome obstacles they otherwise may have not.

6. Lindsey Noskin

Nominated for… alongside working as a full-time process engineer, Lindsey runs a successful social media account @the_engineeress to inspire young women to the STEM industries. She has been able to craft a hugely engaging and very unique platform for herself in a space dominated by men (STEM) and fashion/beauty (social media).

7. Tracy Benson

Nominated for… proving herself as an athlete, entrepreneur and leader. Tracy advocates not just women, just always the underdog and has led innovative projects at businesses such as Home Depot and Best Buy.

8. Raushan Tara Jaswal

Nominated for… championing human rights causes from Rohingya Muslim refugees to helping ban the practice of female genital mutilation in India. Raushan has constantly battled against senior lawyers to uphold human rights and is willing to go above and beyond for tangible actions in response to a cause.

9. Ria Walia

Nominated for… her ambition and drive, mentoring many young female entrepreneurs – at 21 she has been named one of the most influential students in the UK. Ria founded and is the youngest ever recipient of Arts Council Funding (setting up over 200 exhibitions for young artists) while completing her degree in Mathematics at King’s College London.

10. Jo Osborne

Nominated for… turning adversity into an incredible business. Growing up allergic to sunscreen in Australia led to Jo developing skin cancer at 26, today she is the CEO of SkinNinja – an app that exposes what ingredients go into skincare products so that no one is unsafe.


Watch the Knomo HQ team in action below as we reviewed over 200 applications to bring shortlist the 10 finalists. We’d love to hear what you think, and you can get in touch on our social channels of speak to the team at

The independent judging panel takes place on Thursday evening – we can’t wait to share their results!

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