The #LiveFree Backpack on Kickstarter: What to expect by Franco Boydell

Our Kickstarter project is now live!

See the #LiveFree Backpack in full detail HERE.


What you need to know:


There is Wireless In-Bag Charging. Our patent-pending design is incorporated into the design of the bag, providing you with a fast, easy and efficient charge. We're proud to be working with Zens to provide the best wireless batteries on the market. Just drop your smartphone into the pocket and go.

See the #LiveFree Backpack in full detail HERE.

Wireless in-bag charging #LiveFree Backpack GIF

The #LiveFree Backpack features Bluetooth GPS Tracking. We've partnered with Chipolo - the world's loudest Bluetooth tracker - connect to the free, branded app and you'll be able to see the last position of your backpack on the in-app map.The best part? Your Chipolo tracker will connect with the massive Chipolo community, so you can always find your bag in real-time if there is another Chipolo carrier close by.

See the #LiveFree Backpack in full detail HERE.


We've created the product from Water-Repellent Fabric, made in Britain by British Millerain, a Lancashire-based fabric manufacturer who patented this water-repellent textile method in 1983.

Water repellent fabric Knomo Kickstarter heritage british waterproof leather Backpack

All the hardware on the #LiveFree Backpack has been designed in-house at Knomo using CAD then die-cast in production. The main compartment features a brand new open-closure method which means it's never been easier to get into the main compartment.

See the #LiveFree Backpack in full detail HERE.

G Clips Knomo Kickstarter Custom Closure Bespoke Hardware Backpack

The laptop section features an all new laptop protection system, using ultra-padded air-mesh to ensure that your all important laptop is always kept safe and secure.

Laptop Section Knomo Kickstarter Air Mesh Protection Padded Backpack

LiveFree Backpack Knomo Kickstarter Sneak Peak Mens Bags Wireless Charging

See the #LiveFree Backpack in full detail HERE.