Tel Aviv is rich in history and bustling with the contemporary. Our resident photographer jetted off to explore the city with the brand new Stratton duffle bag and a Park Lane suitcase.

Tel Aviv is an infectiously exciting place to be; it has an established art and culinary scene- in fact it is the vegan capital of the world. The bauhaus architecture earned Tel Aviv it’s nickname ‘The White City’, but there is plenty of ancient architecture to admire too. This is one of the most LGBT friendly cities and the nightlife is always buzzing. The stunning Jaffa Port is the world's oldest, where Jonah is said to have set off on his journey before encountering a certain whale...


There is a range of accommodation options -not only are there plenty of luxury, boutique hotels, there are also beautifully decorated apartments to rent for those who prefer the simpler things in life.

1. Poli House

This boutique hotel stuns with its artsy style. Strong designs by architect Karim Rashid are inspired by the diverse city itself, street art and even classic Bauhaus. If the incredible interior isn't enough, the rooftop pool, rooftop bar and the spa should do the trick. 

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2. The Brown Beach House

Swanky interiors with an 1950s/1960s style will make you feel like a glamorous starlet. Located near the beach, the white sheer curtains and palms bring the atmosphere of the beach indoors too. Free access to bicycles and a gym is perfect for fitness fanatics too.

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3. The Jaffa

This luxury hotel was thoughtfully renovated with the help of famous architect John Pawson, from a 19th century hospital to the slick hotel it is today. The restaurant and chapel bar, with original domed ceiling and restored stained glass are famous in Tel Aviv. You will even find original Damien Hirsts on the walls, The Jaffa will keep surprising you.

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4. The Setai

This building is a history-lover's paradise. Built as a fortress during the crusades and then used as a prison and police station during the Ottoman period, the hotel has been tastefully updated whilst keeping many original features. An infinity pool, Turkish Hammam spa and central courtyard make this a great hotel to relax.

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5. Rena's House

A hip, more budget option that does not compromise on style or history. The house was originally built to for the textile industry by David Zimand in 1954 and named after his wife. Today, the building hosts a restaurant, live music venue, artist studios, and of course holiday apartments. Mix with the local creatives and get inspired.

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The food available will leave you spoilt for choice. There is traditional Israeli and middle eastern cuisine, to authentic Italian, Mediterranean, North African and Asian.


1. Miznon

This was the first eatery to be opened by famous Israeli chef Eyal Shani. It is a popular choice with its reasonable prices and huge pittas stuffed with tasty meats or veggie options. They deliver and stay open until late too!

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2. Tamara

The best frozen yogurt in Tel Aviv with a range of toppings including fresh fruit. They even make their own ice lollies! Cool off after a long day sightseeing, lounging on the beach... or just because.

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3. OCD

It may be a strange name, but it was chosen because the chef Raz Rahav is obsessed with his profession. The unique thing about this restaurant is the kitchen is completely open and central to the seating. Guests can watch their food being cooked and even speak to the chefs. No menu is given to diners, expect the unexpected.

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4. Sarona Market

An indoor market that is a foodie paradise. Filled with restaurants, shops selling produce from around the world and even wine tasting, this is a place to explore culinary possibilities.

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5. Anastasia

A very popular vegan café in Tel Aviv. From main courses to sweet treats, they keep their menu so tasty that you wouldn’t believe it’s vegan. Go for breakfast, lunch or dinner… or all three.

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There is plenty of nightlife to go around in Tel Aviv. Crafted cocktails, techno nightclubs, cosy drinking spots and LGBT friendly bars are just some of what you can expect to find on your night time wanderings.


1. Dizengoff

This street is next to a shopping mall and is packed with great bars and nightlife. You are bound to find something to your tastes here, from crazy cocktails to a relaxed beer hangout.

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2. Spicehaus (East Jaffa Perfume Company)

They call themselves the ‘cocktail bar pharmacy’ and the staff dress in white lab coats, before pouring your drinks into beakers. A seriously fun and unique place to choose your poison.

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3. The Library Bar

If novelty cocktails and noisy clubs are not your scene, keep it classic with The Library bar. This is known as one of the classiest bars in Tel Aviv, with a beautiful 1940s interior and an impressive wine and spirits selection.

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4. The Beer Shop

With a large selection of international beers, this is a must for beer lovers. Choose your glass size, from a thimble to a whole litre! There is even a beer periodic table on the wall to help you decide what to order.

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5. Laila Lavan White Night

This yearly event sees the city stay up all night, with shops, restaurants and bars staying open until 6am. The whole city becomes one big party, with live music and drinks everywhere. Even some museums stay open later, and many free events on throughout the city.

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Tel Aviv is full of cultural sites and contemporary entertainment. Here are a few places worth a visit amongst many.


1. Museums

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art has stunning geometric architecture on the outside and a wide range of art in different forms and time periods on the inside. Discover Israeli art, as well as admiring priceless classics from the likes of Van Gough, Picasso and Jackson Pollock. Another main museum to visit is the MUSA Eretz Israel Museum. It hosts a fascinating collection of artefacts, from the ancient to the modern, which encompass Israeli culture. The museum is spread through 15 building and is next to ancient landmarks.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art website

MUSA Eretz Israel Museum website


2. Beaches

Tel Aviv is bursting with beaches. Some beaches are very central and very busy with tourists. Lifeguards and cafes are often present on the Tel Aviv coast, and there is a big surfing scene for more adventurous types. Less manic beaches are available, and Banana Drum beach is a fun spot where local drummers gather on Fridays and bring out the beats.

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3. Jaffa Port

The ‘old town’ is the original site from which Tel Aviv expanded and is bursting with biblical history, which you can discover at the visitor centre. There is a popular flea market and the Jaffa Port Market, tonnes of unique shops and plenty of food to sample.

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4. Habima Theater

This theatre puts on plays every now and then with English subtitles, but even if that does not appeal, the beautiful building itself and the colourful flower beds will.

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5. Social Dining

Book to eat with a host and a group of other diners for more a more social dinner experience. This is a great way to meet new people and sample authentic Israeli cuisine and culture.

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Tel Aviv is a hot spot for start ups and tech companies, and these are some companies of interest. With not a starbucks in sight (go on, get out of you comfort zone) check out some Israeli cafes instead to do some work, or visit a cool coworking space.


1. Landwer and Aroma

If you need to do a bit of work on your trip, these coffee shops are a great spot to refuel and get things done. Order a quality coffee and crack on.

Landwer Café website

Aroma Café website


2. LABS Tel Aviv

Coworking in Israel is a good option if you are new to the city. The décor is to die for, the coworkers are cool and there is a big social side. Lectures and workshops are often available and it is a great way to meet other professionals. LABS Tel Aviv even has a gym and showers, yoga and is open 24/7. There is also WeWork and Mindspace offices if you like to stick to what you know.

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An English media company based in Israel to deliver Israeli news and culture. They seek to provide alternative, truthful news to the world.

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4. Check Point

A cyber security company that works with governments and organisations across the world to protect software, clouds and mobile devices. Tel Aviv is their international HQ.

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5. Riskified

A start up work with some big names in ecommerce, including Prada and Wayfair. They make the online shopping more seamless and minimise fraudulent shoppers by using data science and AI.

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