What is a Digital Nomad? by Franco Boydell

Digital nomads are breaking free of typical work-life norms by frequently changing their paths whenever they feel like it - whether that’s day to day working or larger trips away. They are opting for lives of travel and wanderlust. Technology is the vehicle that is liberating digital nomads as they work remotely, usually online, to fund their lifestyle.

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There are many variations of digital nomads wandering the earth today. Searching for a sole definition for this tribe is becoming more difficult by the day. Although, digital nomads do tend to all share one commonality — they have adopted a new way to work. They don’t see a place in their life for physical permanency. Typically, they don’t have a fixed home address or a location dependent job, and they wouldn’t want to be anywhere for an extended period time. This won’t be a surprise to some millennials, with 45% of under-35s job hopping every two years.

Being location independent, digital nomads differ from those who work from home: quite simply because they don’t have a fixed ‘home.’ All a nomad needs is their portable office in their backpack, a laptop and wifi. Whether it’s in a coworking space, hotel or a beach bar, the choice really is theirs. Freelance writer for Refinery29 and The Pool, Lauren Bravo explains her workspaces:

“I work from coffee shops, libraries, public spaces… anywhere with a seat and a WIFI connection becomes my makeshift office.”

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What careers lend themselves to digital nomadism?

Any career that has the flexibility and freedom to work remotely or online. This could be anything ranging from a copywriter, graphic designer, web developer - basically anything that just requires you and your laptop.

Many digital nomads are entrepreneurs who have launched their own businesses that they can manage and run from wherever they like. But for those of us closer to home - working, travelling and living on the move every day - digital nomadism has become a way of life without us making a conscious choice.

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Rhode Island born Brian Dean put his talents to fantastic use and created Backlinko Blog, which for many digital marketers, is the ultimate SEO guide. His SEO training business and workshops allows him to travel the world including places such as Berlin, Portugal and Thailand. Working in and exploring new places whilst meeting new people, sounds like a work-life balance that would delight most of us.

British entrepreneur Amanda Shand, began her recruitment business Candiright and is thoroughly enjoying attacking her to-do list remotely! Her job allows her to travel to various coworking places, coffee shops and hotels: “ultimately, I do what I need to do, on the move, as and when it’s required - because I can.”

Best of the benefits

Working whenever you choose has got to be one of the biggest advantages for the nomadic lifestyle. We’re no longer limited to work during work-hours - ideas don’t stop coming at 5pm. Similarly, many businesses are adopting flexible working styles, with team members able to work from where they choose or different hours to the traditional 9-5.

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The benefits of digital nomadism seem almost dream-like, and it’s growth in popularity comes as no surprise. The opportunity to throw yourself into new hobbies is an incredibly desirable concept. It’s no wonder 78% of millennials claim they would rather spend money on ‘experiences’ rather than 'stuff'.

Put simply, digital nomadism is overcoming the barriers of the workplace and society which have held back so many of us before. Of course, organisation is key when it comes to being a digital nomad, and we’ve kept this in mind with our latest designs:  transporting your portable office and life essentials.  To find out who are the digital nomads, and how you can become one, look out on our blog or sign up to get our articles right to your inbox.