World Record: Fastest Time to Visit Every Sovereign Nation by Abbie Boorman

Knomo are proud to support Cassie De Pecol, Two-time Guinness World Record breaking traveller and entrepreneur. We hope you enjoy her story below.

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On July 24th, 2015, I departed on what would be a 196+ country Expedition to become the fastest person, fastest female, and first woman on record to travel to every sovereign nation. The challenge was immense, but the mental challenge was even more of a whirlwind, traveling to places like Somalia, North Korea, East Timor, and the Mongolian wilderness, alone.

Along the way, I filmed an educational documentary to focus on educating the youth on the importance of entrepreneurialism, women’s achievement and the two pillars of responsible tourism, that being sustainability and regeneration. Through IIPT and SKÅL International, I was able to give keynote sessions to over 16,000 university students across upwards of 40 Nations around the world, speaking about the above topics and educating the youth on the importance of traveling sustainably and responsibly.


Cassie_travel_world_solo_female_entrepreneur_Turkmenistan Cassie visits Turkmenistan


One of the core elements of my Expedition was planting trees with the students, Ministers of Tourism and Mayors, in order to offset my carbon footprint it took to get there. My goal early on became to completely offset my carbon footprint from Expedition 196 by 2020.

As a ‘Peace Ambassador’, wherever I traveled, I emphasized the importance of leaving all preconceptions at the door and traveling to new places with a completely open mind. This includes when we meet new people, to first learn their story before judging them. By practicing these values when we travel, we can eventually unite our world, creating a more peaceful one.

Before all of this though, I had to move from Los Angeles, California back to my hometown of Connecticut. While my things stayed in storage out in LA, I decided it’d be best to bring my car back home for my parents to make use of while I was gone. Secretly, I wanted one last mentally freeing trip across my home country before the chaos of what the Expedition and Guinness World Record rules would entail. It was my 4th time driving across the USA, and I definitely took my time, camping in Zion, skiing in Colorado in June, and SUPing on Lake Powell before reaching the East Coast. My favorite state is California, but nothing beats the pure outdoors of Utah, Colorado or Arizona.


Cassie_travel_world_solo_female_entrepreneur_USA Cassie stands at Horseshoe Bend in Arizona


On February 2nd, 2017, I successfully completed Expedition 196 in Yemen, country number 196 and a month later, was awarded not one, but two Guinness World Records for ‘Fastest Time to Visit Every Sovereign Nation’ and ‘Fastest Time to Visit Every Sovereign Nation (Female)’.

For the last leg, I carried my Knomo Cromwell pack with me, which proved to be a sleek and functional carry on for the last few countries. Now, I love the Beauchamp backpack, which I take with me as my carry on for my current international business trips.


Cassie_travel_world_solo_female_entrepreneur_backpack_knomo Knomo Beauchamp 14" laptop backpack


Cassandra is a Beauchamp carrying Digital Knomad and is constantly on the go, working and traveling around the world. To keep up with her and her adventures follow her on:

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