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  • Women's cross body Bags

    Beautiful, practical, sleek and comfortable. Get to work hands free and arrive hands on.


Leather Elektronista

$299.00 $215.02

Leather Cross-Body Clutch Bag - 10"

available in 1 color

On Sale


Laptop Briefcase - 15"

available in 4 colors



Leather Handbag 14"

available in 4 colors


$199.00 $149.00

Cross-Body Clutch Bag - 10"

available in 4 colors

On Sale

$149.00 $111.75

Utility X-Body 10"

available in 2 colors

On Sale


Leather Tote 14"

available in 1 color



Slim Briefcase 14"

available in 4 colors



Laptop Cross-Body Holdall - 15"

available in 1 color

Keep your day-to-day belongings on your body and ready to use. Satchels, messengers, purses and cross-body bags are the perfect utility accessory; professional or playful.

With such beautiful and stylish products available, remember the functional purpose of slinging your most important gear close against your body. Keeping items safe like your smartphone, tablet, passports, travel cards or sunglasses is the number one priority.

This has led to the cross-body bag style becoming the go-to choice for day-trips and traveling. Wearing a cross-body keeps your hands free when you’re making your way through the airport with luggage and larger carry-on board bags. When you arrive ready to explore your destination, a lightweight fabric or luxurious leather cross-body is the best way to carry a camera, tickets or guide books; easily comfortable enough to wear across your shoulder and chest, all day and night.

The beauty of designing compact accessories with adjustable straps is the variety of ways these bags can be worn. Chic over-the-shoulder to dinner; modern and tight across the front of your chest; or in classic saddle bag style to sit by your side. Cross-body bags are ready to take on any situation, just like you.



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