• Travel Bags & Accessories

    Adventure-ready, generously proportioned bags for people with places to go. Cleverly arranged, so you always know where you’re at – wherever you happen to be.



Whether you commute, have long weekends away, or monthly working trips - we all make journeys every day. Knomo wants to make them easier. “To travel is to live” after all.

When we talk about travel bags the choices go far beyond classic suitcases and traditional luggage. 'Travelling’ today means a huge range of journeys - from the frequent to the once in a lifetime; the best travel accessories have as much use at home as they do on the other side of the world.

Carryalls and travel totes will always have a space on the international traveller’s checklist, ready to be packed full of clothes inside the large main compartments. But, in the 21st century, our bags need to be ready to carry and protect the laptops and devices we use everywhere, that keep us connected all over the globe.

Every Knomo complies with most airlines* carry-on board requirements, as well as including a designated shock-resistant laptop section, our ecosystem of charging accessories have a place inside, too. From slimline travel adaptors to powerful portable batteries, you’ll be kept connected and in charge of every business trip or vacation to come.

(*Airlines change their policy frequently, compliant as of March 2018.)