– Choose your E-Gift Card amount, from £10 - £500, add to bag and checkout
– You will receive the E-Gift Card as an email
– You can forward this email to the lucky receiver or print it and put it in a fancy envelope
– The lucky receiver is free to spend it however they choose within 2 years of receipt on

KNOMO E-Gift Card Terms & Conditions

  • The KNOMO E-Gift Card is only valid on
  • Products cannot be purchased at the same time as an E-Gift Card, please purchase separately.
  • The E-Gift Card can be used on both full price and sale items.
  • The E-Gift Card is valid for 2 years only.
  • The E-Gift Card can be used for multiple transactions within the expiry date.
  • Products bought with E-Gift Cards can be refunded via other E-Gift Cards only, not cash.
  • Refunded E-Gift Cards cannot be used to buy another E-Gift Card.