In this blog, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about anti-theft backpacks., including how they protect your personal belongings.

Anti-theft bags are designed to provide an extra layer of protection to your belongings when you are out and about or travelling. 

Anti-theft bags normally have two features that protect your valuable items, RFID signal blocker technology and internal zipped security pockets. 

RFID signal blocker technology  

Radiofrequency identification (RFID) skimming is a type of digital theft that allows thieves to read and duplicate things like your bank card. 

If you have your wallet or purse stored in your bag, anyone can walk past and steal your card information using this type of theft. It’s an annoying thing because often you won’t even realise that it’s happened until too late. 

RFID signal blocking technology blocks these signals from being read, and in bags like our range of laptop bags from KNOMO, we include special lining in all of our models that stops people from being able to steal your card information. 

Simply slide your wallet or purse into the RFID-protected pocket and you can be put at ease knowing that no one will be able to take your information, even if they do use radiofrequency identification skimming techniques. 

Internal zipped security pockets 

Many of our models at KNOMO also have internal zipped security pockets where you can put your most precious items, like your phone, keys, or wallet. 

Having items like these in separate pockets makes it far less likely that someone will be able to take your belongings without you knowing.  

If you have a bag with no internal pockets, anyone could easily reach and steal something, but you’re more likely to notice them if you see someone trying to unzip your pockets. 

Are anti-theft bags worth it? 

Despite anti-theft bags generally being slightly more expensive, we think they are definitely worth it. 

Browse our range of anti-theft bags at KNOMO today to keep your belongings safe and secure.