“I spent the beginning of my career in Durban, Canary Wharf, New York, Zurich and then Reigate. Lovely places but equally uninspiring when stuck in a cubicle. I started KNOMO to free people from life in an uninspired and repetitive 9-5 workspace that feels like Groundhog Day.

Our mission is to build KNOMO into an inspiring business making extraordinary products where our team have the freedom to determine where, when and how they work. Our team works in 17 different cities around the world - none of them stuck in a cubicle.”

Howard Harrison
- KNOMO Founder

At KNOMO we make bags and accessories to inspire you and to keep up with wherever life takes you. Beautiful, capable and distinctive bags that work. We source the finest full grain leathers and premium fabrics, paired with strictly custom hardware. For people who choose the extraordinary in life. Any time, any place.

We work to live the life we’ve always dreamed of - Knomo designs accessories that keep up with wherever life takes you. Wherever you are right now, this is your office.

A lot goes into the design of our bags.

Our customers need practical products that help live their multi faceted lifestyle with ease. Designed to be durable and stand the test of time, through meticulous testing and detailing our customers are given peace of mind that their possessions are protected, whilst looking contemporary and distinctive.

We source the finest full-grain leathers and durable, premium fabrics, and we use strictly custom hardware. Our studio HQ based in London is a collaboration of industrial design and fashion design to ensure every product delivers on both style and substance.