Affiliate Programme

About KNOMO London

Founded in London in 2004 with a mission to create perfect accessories that are beautiful on the outside and smart on the inside. Ranging from briefcases to laptop backpacks to travel wallets, KNOMO London provide a stylish yet sophisticated solution to the dull, standard work bags you may see every day on your commute.

Promote KNOMO & Get Rewarded

Our affiliate programme is a great way for likeminded website owners, influencers and bloggers to make money by promoting KNOMO online. All you need to do is provide a link to the KNOMO website, if a customer clicks on the link and buys, you get a 3% or 10% commission on their purchase depending on whether they are a new or existing customer.

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How does it work?

1. Sign up to our Affiliate programme

Signing up to the KNOMO London affiliate programme is easy & free. KNOMO London use Webgains to handle our network of affiliate partners. Webgains are a high-performance affiliate marketing company combining cutting-edge technology and world-class expertise supporting a wide range of companies from blue-chips to start-ups. Once you sign up to Webgains you can apply for our specific programme on their website.

Click Here To Join Our Affiliate Program.

2. Set up the provided KNOMO affiliate links on your website(s)

Once you’ve been accepted as a KNOMO London affiliate, you’ll gain access to a selection of affiliate links & 20 banners to feature on your own website to show your audience. You can access these links & banners through your Webgains account. Please note that we change our banners regularly to reflect seasonal offers and trends so be sure to check back regularly to keep your advertising fresh and relevant!

3. Earn commission from customers who clicked links at your website

After you’ve set up your KNOMO links you can now start earning commission from people who click through and convert from your website. You will be able to watch the clicks, conversions & commission update in real time on your Webgains profile.

If you have any questions about our affiliate program please check out the FAQ's below and do not hesitate to contact us at if your query is not answered below!



Frequently Asked Questions

How many banners can I use on my website(s)?

As long as they are one of the approved affiliate banners supplied by KNOMO, you can use as many banners as you like.

What commission can I expect to earn?

This depends on whether the user who converts is a new or returning customer. If they are a new customer, you receive 10% of the value of their order. If they are a returning customer you receive 3% instead.

How do I track who buys from KNOMO after clicking banners on my site?

Webgains administer and report upon all tracking. They track click through rates based on clicks / impressions generated through your banners in addition to the revenue and commission generated by these clicks.

On what type of websites can I place KNOMO affiliate links?

You may use KNOMO affiliate marketing links on any of your websites which don't contain hateful material deemed by us to be offensive or pornographic. The websites must be aesthetically pleasing and be created in good taste. All websites must be pre-approved by KNOMO before our marketing banners and links may be used. This approval process is administered when you apply to promote our service through Webgains.