Travel Things

Carries Small Devices

For your passport, boarding pass, phone, cards, cash, hotel key, cables, headphones, Kindle, small cosmetics... or however you travel.


Everyday Things

Carries 10.5” Devices

For your tablet, phone, cards, tickets, headphones, and cables, as well as small notebooks and stationery (you never know when inspiration will strike).


Work Things

Carries 13” Devices

For your laptop, phone, magazine, notebook, stationery, charger, business cards, USBs - and your shades and beer opener for when you clock off.


For Your Travel Things


Uses: Knomad Travel Wallet

Works hard as: Knomo Ecommerce Director

Plays hard by: Going on mini breaks with friends and tearing up the countryside on her bike.

Why she loves it: “I don’t know what I would do without an organisational system like my travel wallet. All chaos would ensue if I left home without everything in one place and that's available at the tip of my fingers.”

How she uses it: “I pack my Knomad Travel Wallet in my Park Lane suitcase and then I take it out when I get to the airport, where everything is all together and I can breeze through security.”

For Your Everyday Things


Uses: Thames Knomad Organiser

Works hard as: Knomo Ecommerce Executive

Plays hard by: Going for drinks after work with colleagues and scoring goals on the pitch at weekends.

Why he loves it: “I like my tech to be systemised, easy to find and looking good. Life on the move is easier when I can pick everything up and go at a minute's notice when it's all in the palm of my hands.”

How he uses it: "I pack it in my Cromwell backpack to take it to work or on weekend trips. When I’m getting the train or on a roadtrip, I can pack my essentials away and have them to hand anywhere.”

For Your Work Things


Uses: Knomad X-Body Organiser

Works hard as: Customer Service Executive

Plays hard by: Exploring up and coming foodie destinations after work with friends and heading to the beach on weekends for a relaxing break from the city (and maybe to catch some surf).

Why she loves it: “It’s not just a laptop sleeve, I can fit in my laptop and so much more which is so useful in the office instead of having a messy desk or bottomless handbag. The bright pop of colour and stylish silver zips are so much more usable and versatile than a regular laptop bag.”

How she uses it: "I can have my laptop and all my work essentials neatly packed and nip out of the office for a coffee whilst catching up on emails which gives me the headspace I need in my busy job. The detachable strap is perfect for adapting the organiser to a bag for after work plans.”