Cross-body bag, bum-bag, fanny pack, whatever you like to call it- this is one of the many misconceptions that we seem to find when looking at this type of bag. Definitively, crossbody bags are a type of bag that rest against your body with the help of a strap that comes across your body, hence, ‘cross-body’. So, why is there such uncertainty around who, when or what cross-body bags are for?

Cross-body bags are perfect for keeping your essentials by your side at all times for quick and easy access on the go. The way crossbody bags are designed means that they’re hands free, this was one of the main intentions behind the original design of the first cross-body bags for post officers & telephone linesmen back in the mid-20th century. Fast forward to today, and you see cross-body bags being used in a load of different ways everywhere and by everyone.

In an effort to give you a better understanding of whether a cross-body bag is the right bag for you, we thought it would be right to take the opportunity to break down some popular questions and assumptions that we receive every week surrounding cross-body bags.

Avery Cross-Body Bag in Dark Navy Blazer



Are cross-body bags the same as bum bags? 

Cross-body bags and bum-bags (or fanny-packs) are the same, it just depends on whatever feels more comfortable for you to wear, either across your body or around your waist. Using the adjustable straps helps fit them however you like. Some cross-body bags, like our Palermo Cross-Body, are better suited to wear across the waist because of their clip, whereas the Brook Leather Cross-Body would be more appropriate to wear across your body.   


Are cross-body bags actually comfortable? 

Since cross-body bags keep you hands-free, you barely notice you are carrying a bag at all! Cross-body bags are very comfy, our cross-body bags have been rigourously drop tested to ensure that they can handle anything you may need to carry inside them, keeping you comfortable while doing so.


Are cross-body bags safe from thieves? 

Yes, this is one of the main upsides to cross-body bags. Many cross-body styles are even small enough to fit under your coat or jacket, keeping them well away from potential theft. Even without a coat or jacket over the top, your belongings are more than safe since they’re right by your side the whole time. It would take a very crafty thief to take anything while wearing your cross-body.


Are cross-body bags big enough for a water bottle? 

This will- of course, depend on the size of both your water bottle and your cross-body bag. As for KNOMO, our cross-body bags are big enough to fit in a standard 330ml water bottle with room to fit in other essentials such as your keys, cardholder or phone.


Are cross-body bags just for women? 

Cross-body bags are not just for women. If the last few years are anything to go by, then you will know that the style is worn widely by both men and women and rightly so. The reason they appeal to everyone is their practicality and the wide range of style to fit anyone’s look or needs, regardless of gender!


Are cross-body bags just a fad? 

Although the sporty style fell out of fashion in the early noughties, cross-body bags now feature in many different styles, whether it be professional, sporty, casual or anything in between. Cross-body bags are here to stay.


Are cross-body bags good for tall people?  

KNOMO cross-body bags come with adjustable straps so they can adapt to any shape or size, including tall! Whether you’re short or tall, man or woman, there is a style for everyone.


Palermo Cross-Body Bag in Black



We hope that clears up some queries or assumptions you may have had about cross-body bags, or if it helped you decide that a cross-body bag is the bag for you. KNOMO have a cross-body that caters for all types of look or personal fashion, coming in a variety of styles, materials & sizes. Make sure to check out our range here to find your ideal cross-body bag!