My first job was in the fashion apparel industry, I always had this thing where I collect bags, wallets.

I’m the Design Director for Knomo looking after all the women’s products; bags, cases and organisers. I look out for the new styles and new colourways for each season.

Having a lightweight mobile device going around town is so much easier. I like to go to galleries, travelling and take lots of pictures, I try to find my own inspiration.


My personal design process: I pick the colours for the season which I feel is appropriate for Knomo and we work with the materials, do our sketches and then prototyping which usually takes about couple of months to refine the product.

When the prototype arrives it’s the most exciting thing - it’s like Christmas, it’s my baby you know. When I imagine some things to be a certain way and they come back, you can actually physically play with it and tweak it, it’s the best bit of my job.

I mean my training and background, I’m old school, I love sketching with my hand but with the Surface Pro because I have the touch screen and the pen it’s almost as if I’m drawing on a real sketchpad. It’s so good to be able to manipulate, changing colours and changing prints and working on sketches with my hands or with the pen, it’s amazing.

We try to design something people love to carry. With Knomo product it’s not just about being a pretty bag or not just being a boring functional bag, it’s actually the two together, to make it easier for people to carry their stuff with them all the time.

We want to make people happy and feel proud when they are using the bag, especially when they open the bag up all the organisation is so amazing, and that makes my life easier.

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