Our Latest Salt & Pepper

We've just dropped our latest colourway, the Salt & Pepper. Across two backpacks, Thurloe, Novello and the tech organiser Knomad as part of the Fulham range.

Some history around the fabric and how we wanted to integrate it into a brilliant look of backpacks and organisers.

During World War II, the Swiss Army faced shortages of traditional materials like cotton and wool due to the wartime conditions. In order to address these shortages, the Swiss Army began exploring alternative materials that could be used to produce various military supplies, including backpacks.

By using nettle and flex fibres to produce backpacks and other military supplies, the Swiss Army was able to overcome the material shortages caused by the war and produce high quality, durable gear for their soldiers. Today, these fibres are still used in some outdoor gear, and their use highlights the value of exploring sustainable and locally available materials to address material shortages and reduce environmental impact.

How these materials inspired our designs.

How we've decided to integrate this into our design and production is by creating a similar effect that represents much of our surroundings as a KNOMO customer. The black and white blurring appearance of this new colourway represents concrete buildings and grey tarmac roads. We've focused on maintaining the origin of materials and their history but with our own colouring to suit. 

We’ve worked with our fabric supplier to develop our S&P using post consumer recycled polyester yarn.

The reasoning behind our choice is that post consumer recycled polyester yarn is a sustainable material choice that helps to reduce the environmental impact of backpack production. KNOMO can do its part to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills and oceans, as well reducing the energy consumption associated with our production.

Overall we knew the use of post consumer recycled polyester yarn in modern bags and backpacks offered an alternative to traditional materials, making it an attractive option for us and our customers.

Let us bring you through the new colourway in our different options, each one is produced with the same strong, lightweight, and resistant to water materials making it an ideal to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, especially the backpacks.


This is a very successful design we've stocked in the past with different colours. It was originally brought to life on Kickstarter by people all over the world. The Thurloe Backpack packs a punch wherever it goes. Fitting up to a 15" laptop, it's water resistant, includes a trolley sleeve for travelling, an organised interior with a RFID protected pocket and a padded back for comfort.


We made this design smart enough for meetings, durable enough to take away on weekends thanks to the high-quality water-resistant nylon and a smart roll top closure. This also fits up to a 15" device in a padded compartment with water-resistant nylon, an organised interior including an RFID protected pocket, a trolley sleeve for easy travel and a padded back with S shaped straps.


Wave goodbye to losing your travel card and favourite pen, say hello to our clever Knomad Organiser. Compact and fully opening, with pockets for everything you might need. Fitting up to a 13" device perfect for iPads and so on, finished in a water resistant nylon, an exterior zip pocket for extra storage, organised interior pocket including RFID pocket and doubles up as a cross body with removeable strap. 

We hope you've enjoyed a little history lesson there and keep your eyes peeled for new colourways and collection in the near future.