The Best Work Bags for Men

No matter how you commute or what your average workday is like, it is likely you find yourself needing a reliable and practical way of carrying all your essentials. Our collection of best work bags for men are perfect for keeping your belongings safe and organised in a way that works with you. We know that not every man has the same work routine or needs and that’s why we’ve listed our best men’s commuter companions for whatever situation. 

The best laptop bag for work: Southampton

The Southampton Laptop Bag is a great option for those who spend their commutes on busy buses or trains due to its slim and compact design. It allows for standing in crowded public transport without the need to take it off. It’s double compartment comfortably fits a 15” Laptop device in one and room for books, notepads and folders in the other. The Southampton really is the go-to option for a men’s work laptop bag.

Southampton features:

o            Capacity: 22.9 L

o            Fits laptops up to 14”

o            Weight: 2.0 lbs

o            Material: Herringbone Twill

o            Ultra Slimline Design with Padded Laptop compartment

    The best work bag briefcase: Amesbury

    Coming in a choice of two colours, Black or Brown, the Amesbury Leather Laptop Briefcase comes with all the fancy bells and whistles including keychain, organised pockets and a secure double compartment with space for a laptop, perfect for a full day of work. The Amesbury is made from the highest quality full-grain leather, developing a beautiful patina after good use. It’s the way to go for the best work bag briefcase.

    Amesbury features:

    o            Capacity: 12.3 L

    o            Fits laptops up to 15.6” 

    o            Weight: 2.9 lbs

    o            Material: Full Grain Leather

    o            Double Compartment for Laptop and Trolley slip sleeve

      The best work backpack: Cromwell

      Our Cromwell roll-top Laptop backpack is the best all round work backpack with a huge 27.3 Litre capacity, enough to fit all your belongings and more. It’s not just spacious too, it features a padded laptop pocket inside as well as a padded main compartment featuring organised pockets to keep your essentials safe and secure. The Cromwell is also made from a Thermoplastic Polyurethane, a highly water-resistant designed to get you and your gear from A to B in the driest and most secure way.

      Cromwell features:

      o            Capacity: 27.3 L

      o            Fits laptops up to 14”

      o            Weight: 2.2 lbs

      o            Material: Water resistant Thermoplastic Polyurethane

      o            Waterproof welded construction

      The best work messenger bag: Bungo

      If you’re more partial to a work messenger bag, then the Bungo is definitely the way to go. What started off as one of six of KNOMO’s original bags over 15 years ago, has now been perfected into the ultimate, classic work leather messenger bag for men. The Bungo comes with the option to expand with zips down the side that increase its capacity for those especially busy workdays. With a 15” laptop compartment, the Bungo is more than capable of handling most device types & sizes.

      Bungo features:

      o            Capacity: 11.6 L

      o            Fits laptops up to 15.6”

      o            Weight: 2.8lbs

      o            Material: Full Grain Leather

      o            Expandable Design

      The best work bag for commuters: Kew

      The Kew is the solution to all your busy commuter needs. It has a huge 26.2 Litre capacity encased in a highly water-resistant Thermoplastic Polyurethane, perfect for carrying a change of clothes for the morning and evening cycle to work; and with enough room for a padded laptop section, the Kew makes a great cycling commuter backpack. The Kew also comes with reflective touchpoints, keeping you safe in the dark winter commutes home. The two exterior pockets also provide quick access to essentials while on the go, while the roll-top keeps the bag airtight.

      Kew features:

      o            Capacity: 26.2 L

      o            Fits laptops up to 15”

      o            Weight: 2.4 lbs

      o            Material: Water resistant Thermoplastic Polyurethane

      o            Reflective touchpoints and padded s-shape shoulder straps

      The best gym to work bag: Budapest

      Thanks to its huge capacity and lightweight material, the Budapest makes the best work to gym bag to help squeeze in those midweek work outs. The Budapest travel pack comes with a separate 15.6” laptop compartment as well as an exterior pocket with room for a water bottle. Keep your gym stuff inside it’s 24 Litre capacity. The padded straps also ensure that you’re comfortable no matter how much you fill your Budapest.

      Budapest features:

      o            Capacity: 24 L

      o            Fits laptops up to 15.6”

      o            Weight: 1.5lbs

      o            Material: Ultra Lightweight polyester and leather trim

      o            Padded Double Laptop compartment

      The best travel bag for work: Park Lane

      Frequent business traveller? Make the Park Lane your new favourite work travel companion. The Park Lane is carry-on compliant with most major airlines so is perfect for short business trips abroad. Made from superior grade and durable nylon, supplemented with sturdy metal zips and luxury leather touch points. The Park Lane features a handy telescopic trolley handle and ‘easy-roll’ wheels for efficient carry usage and makes light work of carrying all your tech while on the move with a 15” Laptop compartment as well as extra room for cables or a camera too.  

      Park Lane features:

      o            Capacity: 34 L

      o            Fits laptops up to 15”

      o            Weight: 7.7lbs

      o            Material:  Nylon with full grain leather trim

      o            Double telescopic handle and easy-to-roll wheels

      The best work bag under £100: Harpsden

      The Harpsden is the best work bag if you are looking for good value, for under £100 you get an exceptionally crafted bag, with enough room for a 14” laptop as well as other work essentials. Hardy, high-frequency nylon, reinforced with water-repellant polyurethane to give your belongings real protection from the elements. Water-resistant zips complete the design. The breathable air-mesh back panel provides a touch of modernity and technical appeal.

      Harpsden features:

      o            Capacity: 20.3 L

      o            Device: Up to 14”

      o            Weight: 2.0 lbs

      o            Material: Water resistant Thermoplastic Polyurethane

      o            Chest harness providing extra support