People of Action: Kate Baxter by Franco Boydell

Knomo have partnered with Microsoft Surface to celebrate People of Action. In this series, we share the stories of these creative, mobile and innovative individuals who are bringing brilliant ideas to life.


Kate, thank you for joining us. In a sentence tell us what you ‘do’?

That’s hard to sum up in a nutshell! Firstly, I’m a freelance PR & Marketing consultant working with independent design brands on anything from press outreach to crafting their brand narrative. Alongside this I run my own interiors, lifestyle and travel blog, Fabric of my Life.


What’s the story behind Fabric of my Life?

I started my blog in 2009 when I was a freelance styling assistant in the magazine world. I wanted my own space online to document my favourite style finds and develop my own personal aesthetic. My blog has developed and evolved in ways I could never have imagined back then, and I’ve been able to make lifelong friends, travel extensively and collaborate with brands I adore, while earning a living doing something I love.

Can you describe what an average day entails?

I moved from London to Manchester earlier this year and have tried to cultivate a daily routine that gets the best out of my working day. I’m most productive first thing so utilise this by rolling out of bed when the alarm goes off and heading straight for my desk. Fuelled by coffee, I’ll answer urgent emails and tackle the bulk of written work that needs to be done before breaking for a late breakfast.

After that I’ll head outdoors - either for a walk around Salford Quays or into the city centre - always with my laptop in tow and a coffee shop the destination! I keep my afternoons fairly flexible as I know that my attention can dwindle after lunch, so will schedule client meetings or photo shoots then. Evenings might consist of blogger events, catching up with friends or a quiet night in –  I try not to work past 8pm. This routine goes totally out of the window if I travel to London for meetings or am lucky enough to be away on a press trip…


As a professional interiors, lifestyle and travel blogger, do you have a set of rules to decide whether to pursue an opportunity?

Absolutely! I purposely developed a PR career alongside my blog so that it wouldn’t be my sole income stream and I could be picky about collaborations and not risk losing my passion. It’s always a gut reaction - on the few occasions I’ve not listened to my instincts I’ve always regretted it. It’s important that any brand I champion remains true to the aesthetic and ethos I’ve crafted or my readers would instantly be turned off, and the value of the content - to both my blog and the brand - would be diminished.


What are three pieces of advice you would give to anyone who is looking to begin their own personal brand and/or publication?

Consider is the reason you want to, which has to extend far beyond a desire for money, free product or Internet fame. You have to have a passion for your subject and a drive to work hard to make things work. I can’t imagine starting a blog these days; I was blogging for about two years before anyone offered me a free pencil, let alone the scale of opportunities I’ve had since, as the industry took off.

You have to live and breathe your blog for it to really resonate – I try to distinguish between ‘work time’ and ‘down time’, but the truth is I am Fabric of my Life and much of my content is created - or at least conceived - when I’m supposed to be “off-duty”.


We always love catching up - what are some of the ways your Microsoft Surface and Knomo bag help you with your daily work?

I’ve been singing Knomo’s praises ever since my Beaux backpack helped me alleviate the back pain I’d been experiencing touting my laptop on my shoulder across all across town when I worked down in London.

Since moving to Manchester I’ve (thankfully) slowed the pace of my daily life, so have now switched to the Maddox tote to carry my new Microsoft Surface laptop around. It’s early days but I swear I type faster on the fabric-covered Surface keyboard, and am so impressed by the all-day battery life! Little things like that can make all the difference to life as a freelancer...

Brilliant! Thank so much Kate.

Kate uses a Microsoft Surface Laptop in Burgundy 

And carries a Knomo Maddox Tote in Black Leather 


With thanks to The Smith’s Building where this photoshoot took place.

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